First Ounce!!!!

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  1. So today was an amazing day, (still isn't over) but anyways its a bomb day. Bought my first ounce. might sound weak to most smokers, but my cash flow hasn't been so great, so getting this was a super amazing feeling. haaa. anyways so i bought my ounce (sour diesel) very dankkk. Southern California Herb. Got myself a 80 dollar bong earlier today as well, not super nice but it works great. i've been blazing out of it since around 11:30ish this morning. (when i got the nugs). i plan on baking some brownies later. anyone know exactly how many grams should be put in the mix. lemme know. well thats my story. but yea if someone could get back to me on that amount of nuggets needed. peace
  2. pics or it didnt happen
  3. what he said.
  4. Deff get some pics man, sour diesel is pretty dank stuff, id say just smoke it man post up some milky milks with your piece and sour D :) but for brownies you just need to make cannabutter there are a couple stickys around the forum just find a good one and follow the guidelines then when the brownie directions say mix butter sub it for you freshly made cannabutter :) ENJOY
  5. ight ill get some pics up, anyone wanna let me know how? new to grasscity. (like i know to take the photo and upload it, but how to i upload it onto one of these quick replies?
  6. On reply, scroll down and manage attachtments.
    Depends on how much brownies you want.
    Make a single batch and put enough for 4 hits?
    And then cut them into 4 peices, its that easy
    find a recipe that cooks for as long as possible, if not using canabutter, it needs to cook for at least 40min, i have tried for less long time, but it did not work (like 3 times)
  7. Its alright man I still haven't bought an ounce yet and I've smoked for like a year... most Ive bought is a quarter. Defiantly post some pics, Id like to see it
  8. so i took a pic as i was tokin, also i took a photo of a single nug (actually a good photo, being that i am no good with cameras. and another photo (crappish took it first) of the amount i was thinking of using for the the brownies. what ya'll think.

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    ah nvm i guess i was wrong, it just took long for the big pic to actually load. lemme know if you all can see the pics, just to make sure i did it right. greatly appreciated. the bottom photo__enough nugs for brownies. ight thanks.

  10. Looks pretty tasty man, Good pickup.

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