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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by ganjaprenuer, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. hey guys i need a little help, im not quite sure what to add to my sunshine advanced mix #4?!?

    heres my set up i will be posting pictures too....

    2x4 hydro hut
    6 tube t5
    3 tangerine dream seeds
    4'' inline fan pulling air from the light out of the tent
    4'' carbon air filter
    2x4 drain tray
    1x 400w light with hood and ballast
  2. You need to add dolomite lime to your SS#4, I know it says it has it in it, but it's not enough. Peat gets VERY acidic as it breaks down (~3.5pH). I usually add ~4cups dolomite per bale of SS#4 (something like 1-2TBS/gal of soil).
  3. welcme to the organic section ganjaprenuer.

    The t-5 is a good light for your setup, are you going to use the red tubes to bloom? IMO it would give the best light distribution in your tent, which would be beneficial if you have lots of top colas at a (generally) uniform height. And are you going to be cloning the TD's?

    Gonerooty's advice about the dolomite lime is solid. As your plants get larger, you'll also want to amend with organic fertilizers, the granular nutrients and minerals should be amended into your soil mixes before you transplant into the mix. (eg. rock dust, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, guano, etc.). then all you need is water with a neutral PH...

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