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  1. So these girls have been through a rough beginning from stretching very tall, possible growth stunning, and now high room temp. All in all they've survived and i have a few questions. Ive placed them all in foxfarm organic soil with the owl shit or something in it, and they seem to be growing slow? i feel they seen light for upwards of 6-10 weeks but 2-3 weeks only seeing sun light. so I've had them under indoor lights for probably 5 weeks and they've definitely grown a lot! but very vertical and I've given them plenty of horizontal room so im not sure. but hopefully the pictures work:
    maybe someone out there could be nice enough to answer a question or two?
    *Based on the picture*
    How do these plant look overall? 
    Someone told me they look like males??
    based on the time under the lights for 24/7 for 5+ weeks do they look like they're ready to be forced into flowering now? or should i wait a week??
    Hopefully you enjoy!


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  2. placed them all in foxfarm organic soil with the owl shit or something in it,
    I love owl shit! I wish I knew where to buy some.
    How do these plant look overall? Very tall and "leggy".  This is at least partially due to lack of good lighting.
    Someone told me they look like males?? I wish I knew what seedlings were going to be before they even pre-flowered. Whoever told you this must be psychic!
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  3. I have noticed that most males will grow faster and be leggier than females. I've also seen plants grow like this turn out to be females, so though there is some kind of pattern, there's really no way to know until they flower.
    They look good other than being real stretchy, but that's probably just from the lighting. What kinda lights are you using?
  4. plants look nice and healthy!
    The stretching could be caused by lack of light (like jerry said), or the light could be too far up. Heat and genetics can also be big players, too. By no means would i assume they were male at this point.
    If I were you I would check out some methods like low stress training (lst) before flowering. To get the most out of your plants and light, it helps to have an even canopy. I would train them, give them a week, and then flower.

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