First Organic Grow - Big Bang autos+many more XD

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    (Start Date)
    Big Bang Auto
    (Seedling Stage)
    (Medium & Equipment)
    Jiffy Peat Pellets for Seedlings in a Heated Propagator "lights for night and windowsill for day"
    Roughly 18hrs of Light
    Update - 16/3/12
    All 5 BB's are potted in the jiffys haha now lets wait for life
    Update - 17/3/12
    3 seedlings up and 1 on its way, still waiting for no5 to show up, slow bitch:p
    Update - 18/3/12
    All 5's a BANG!!
    Update - 20/3/12
    Looking tall and all have their 1 leafs in now
    Update - 22/3/12
    Looking lovely but i must say 1 seedling are showing roots at bottom

  2. You found it:p

    Was unsure if it had to be in the organic section hahaha:devious:

    Confusing lol.

    Now the humidity in the prop is causing moisture on lid:hello: that's what we need, lid stays on till i see life..
  3. 5's a BANG!!

    Life has started for 1:p
  4. Will update tomorrow morning, the seedlings will be 6 Days old then, progress is doing great for 4 but 1 is struggling, always has to be 1 don't they:devious:

    The 3 Finger Leafs are growing in now but very minuet:p

    Tomorrow I'm going to have a look for some soil and pots, wish me luck:rolleyes:

    Think by wk 2 they should be able to be transplanted outside:yay:then the growth will really take off like a BIG BANG:laughing:
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    Getting (Organic Bio Bizz Products) Bio Grow & Bio Bloom for my plants, Bio Light Mix Soil with Perlite and 20ltr pots with breathing holes in so when the roots out-grow the pot it will grow into the outside soil which will be mine lol, will cost but will be worth it... in long run.

    The soil mix will feed my plants for 3wks anyway so that will be 5/6wks without feedling them myself lol only 5wks of feeding i'll have to do. 11wks for big bang, will vary from different auto strains haha.

    Day 6
    Looking lovely but i must say 1 seedling are showing roots at bottom lol:rolleyes:

    UPDATE - bought my stuff
    1 10Ltr Perlite
    Bag of Sand
    2 50Ltr Bio Terra Plus Soil
    5 12Ltr Pots
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  7. looking good, subbed.
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    Thanks Spam:p

    Should be fun in a month or so..

    atm i'm trying to get the stems thicker hahaha tiny girls

    Found another nice spot below, think i can have 2 in there lol, the thorn bushes will grow whooooooop and stealth my autos:hello:
  9. Put a small fan on them, indirect breeze is best. They will thicken up and be sturdy.
  10. Been doing this now for 3/4 days lol:D thanks anyway spam;) their getting thicker.
  11. Oh man looking good. Subbed for sure.
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    Thanks Gray:cool: 3rd leafs should be in by tomorrow night, will take Pics then.:bongin:

    Thinking about buying some Photo Trainwreck seeds:devious:
    Green House Seeds Train Wreck Feminized
  13. I heard that jiffys were bad for seedlings though. Is that working okay for you?
  14. hahahaha i thought that also, but heard many times that jiffy will work for 2/3wks,

    I've seen no yellowing, the growth has came in fast without 24hrs constant light and the roots are at bottom lol.

    Just look at the pics biggest seedling is 3inches;)

    I would say to anyone to buy the jiffys, organic also. I've just been watering but hardly as the jiffy is still moist:cool: Day 10 today will take pics tonight.

    Thanks for the input
  15. Joined the ride also i see:hello: welcome Tyscho:smoke:
  16. Day 10

    Got hot in the prop today 114F:mad:

    yellowed a bit, but shall recover.. i think i might need to get them out soon as, don't show much growth really since Day 8.

    Also look at my bagseed seedling outside haha day 21, looks freaky:D
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    3days left till they go outside:yay:

    Not long ago since i started germin haha:D

    Will do an update on Wednesday morning when I'm off work. Hopefully the 3 finger leafs should be showing bigger growth by then or maybe more stretching lol, keep bugs off my seedlings though haha.
  18. Are you buying/making greenhouses?

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