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  1. Hey GC, I planted a seed back at the beginning of spring, hoping I could produce a decent harvest this year with only one plant. I'm using a seed GDP strain I received from marijuana-nl last year. Right now she around 4 and a half feet tall. This year I'm going outdoor because the wife is opposed to indoor until we get in a more "friendly" state. At the beginning of April she started to show signs of stretching. Since the days have gotten longer the nodes have got tighter. I have topped 3 or more times so far. Each time she rebounded pretty fast.

    I did neglect her at one point. There was a 3 week period where I went out of town and she did not receive any nutrients. I came back to see her starting to eat away at the leaves. Thank goodness I got back in time to feed her a heavy dose of MG. I know I'm going to get crap for using MG but it got the job done. I now give a full dose of nutes once a week.


    I'm wondering how much more taller the plant is going to get and if it is too late to tie it down before flower. I know the rule of thumb is doubling the size during flower...what can I do to prevent it from getting too big?
  2. You can monster crop it... lol it's funny the wife won't let you grow inside but outside is fair game in a not so friendly state haha the exact opposite for most...

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  3. Well to be completely honest she doesn't know.
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  4. Anyway, there is roughly around 14 hours of sunlight this time of year. I have read that outdoor plants usually start flowering around that time. Should I start adding bloom nutes now or when I start seeing the plant flower?

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  5. Generally people usually give grow nutes all the way through the stretch(correct me if I'm wrong), but if your concerned about height then idk. Personally I'd try to let it grow as much as possible, just tie it down or something. Good luck

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  6. You could tie down the top and some branches to open it up more and force more tops to grow. Your yield will increase and is less stressful to the plant. A couple weeks ago, I would have suggested supercropping, but it may be too close to the stretch/flower stage for aggressive training. Good luck. The wife will hopefully enjoy some nice smoke, that didn't cost much to grow.
  7. "Official"

    Those look real healthy. You can get some trellis netting and weave everything underneath and then just slide it all down as much as you can without snapping anything (if u do its actually oK but try not to). I was able to cut off almost 2ft of height off mine. There's also some stuff called 'optic foliar switch' that is used to fight off hermie traits, nanners and stress. It's also known to cut the stretch down by a noticeable amount if you compare side by side.
  8. Thank you all for the suggestions. I decided to leave it alone and leave it as is. I would love to monster crop later when I leave the state. We wife is on board with growing, just not at the moment. When I have a more suitable situation(friendlier state), I will grow until I'm old and gray.

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  9. Update: She looks to be in week 3 or 4 of flower. I have started spaying her twice a week with some Organicide 3-in-1 garden spray to keep the pest away. Since spraying I have not seen any evidence of leaf hoppers or any other pests. The only thing I'm worried about now is bud for. It has been pretty humid the past few days. I'll keep an eye out as much as I can. I'm hoping to get a few ounces off this beauty. I just wish I could get some colder temps so that PURPLE hue would come out. Either way I expect to get some bomb ass smoke out of it all.

    I do have a few leaves that are dying off. I'm not sure if it's potassium deficiency or another deficiency. I can get some better pictures if anyone wants to chime in. Thanks.

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  10. 1505306696811.jpg

    This early harvest was brought to you by........Hurricane Irma....thank you irma.....bitch.

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