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  1. Thanks to everyone in these forums for getting me the info I need(ed). I'm finally going to start my grow. We'll see how long it goes...If i get accepted to a research program this summer I may have to stop growing :( . BUT until then...

    I have attached some pics of the growbox I built in my closet. Its basically 2'x2' and 4' tall (just a bit bigger than that). The front panel can be removed, but is kept in place with some braces on the top (which is on hinges) and the inside panel (that you cant see). It is sealed up very tight with weatherstripping. My boards are 3/8 thick and i used several sizes of weatherstirpping to get it just right. All the walls were painted white with exterior paint (waterproof and supposedly more reflective). I also used white silicone sealant where every board meets. As you can see in the second picture, there is a small fan intake on that second shelf (its base is at about 13" and its height is about 21"). I will soon be installing (possibly making my own) exhaust system. Right now I have two 2' regular Cool White fluorescent bulbs, and one skinny 2' Cool White fluorescent bulb. I have a 250 watt HPS on the way. Temp is staying about 77 degrees F with the intake fan off and the whole thing closed up.
    I've got four three gallon (roughly 10"x10") pots with the saucers under them at the bottom. I'm germinating seven seeds. I put them in wet paper towels, inside a tupperware container, and stuck that underneath a towel, next to the heating vent. I expect 4-5 to germinate. Two were taken from dank, five from good mids. I have six cups ready just in case more germinate, and I will eventually plant four plants. I guess I don't really know how many I will end up flowering all the way through (If I have four females will I bother growing all four, or toss one or two?...). I am using scott's plain potting soil (it said it has added phosphorous but has no real fertilizer in it, atleast I never found a NPK rating).

    I already had the fan, light fixtures, paint,
    Wood: $22
    Hinges= $5
    Fluoro bulbs= $20
    Soil= $12
    Pots and saucers= $20
    Weatherstripping= $15
    Thermometer= $4
    Expected fertilizer expense= $20-25
    Expected HPS= $90
    Expected Intake= $20 (or $0)

    I'd say you could get a good setup like mine or a bit better for less that $250.

    If you can't tell there is a large sleeping bag and some boards at the back of my door to the closet...this minimizes sound and smell (the door is also sealed with weatherstripping). The door has a lock on it, and seals very tightly.

    Well what do you think?
    I'm open for any comments or suggestions!

    P.S. sorry bout the sideways pics, im frustrated with it and just wanted them up.

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  2. Looks ok to me.

    only thing i would suggest is much more light, especially if you want those seeds to pop up, it will require some warmth.
  3. Well when I'm ready to germinate I'll run one or two parallel right over the small cups. Did you see them in the corner? I just kinda tossed them there for now.

    I'm still iffy on fertilizer. I'll start fertilizing around 2 weeks? And any recommendations for vegging nutes?


  4. highly recomend getting at least 2 150watt clfs! I think it would double the light in there.
  5. I have a 250 watt HPS on the way.

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