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  1. Anyone else stumble upon this piece of heaven?
    [ame=]FIRST OF THE YEAR (EQUINOX) - SKRILLEX - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Yes, 1/3 of american youths
  3. Oh, I had heard it on the new Beavis and Butt-Head.
    I was so tripped out when I first heard it baked.
  4. Yeahh I remember when I found this on youtube a few months ago. My friends were quite happy with it haha.

  5. All the haters loved it when they first heard it.

  6. You're right. But then i heard it blaring from every bro and sorostitute's car windows, and watched them sweatily mosh to it wayyyyy too many times.

    He can produce, don't get me wrong.
    He's kinda like Jesus...
    I like him, I just can't stand his followers :D
  7. First minute was good then I started hearing these awful mechanical noises:bolt:

  8. Robot sex :yummy:

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