First munchies ever

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  1. So when you first smoked and got the munchies what did you make? If you can't remember what was the most random creative munchies you've made?

    As for me first time I Ever smoked after laughing randomally forever I went into the kitchen with my buds and made this random creation of the soft tortilla roll things with chocolate syrup and marshmallows which then was rolled up like a joint then microwaved. I got to say the tortilla didn't taste that good.

    How about you?
  2. I never really made anything crazy but when I had the munchies when I first started smoking, I would eat everything and drink everything in the house. Like my mom would buy one of those big gallons of orange juice or gatorade and by the next day it would be almost gone. Even with food, like she would buy bread or something and by the next day more than half or even sometimes fully gone and my mom would always ask why I eat so much lol. Crazy munchie times. 
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    Idek but i have a story about the munchies:

    I was super baked and i thought the word "cookie" from then on i was on a stoner quest to find a cookie aha.. My friend's didn't want me to leave right away like i always do (whenever i get high i always feel like i need to leave everyone im with weird right?) Anyways, whatever house we would go to i would ask if they had cookies and after a few turndowns, i went home and yet came to another letdown of no cookies and then ate some pretzels or some shit..
  4. The first time I got the munchies, my friends and I walked to Taco Bell. It was eye opening lmao

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  5. my first time i was baked as i walked to coles and bought a bag of doughnuts a bag of duritoes and a block of cheese to put on the duritoes and then it melts in the microwave and eat it  :yummy:

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