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First Munchie?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BluntAssassin, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Do you remember what it was?

    Mine was Pea Soup, it was terrible sounding but it was oh soooo good.
  2. cracker barrel's homestyle chicken, and fries with ketchup. i remember talking about how amazing the ketchup was.
  3. I went to Burger King the first time. I don't remember what I ordered, I just remember staring at the menu not knowing what to get. Once I finally knew, it was my turn and the guy asked me, I completely forgot my order.
  4. beer battered onion rings
  5. I dont understand how seasoned tokers can actually remember what they first ate......holy fuck...
  6. no fucking idea, i've eaten way too many munchies to recall
  7. I only remember because it was at my friends house where he introduced me to marijuana when I was 16. Man I think we ate all of his cereal.
  8. A bag full of Krystal hamburgers ... they were great with extra mustard.
  9. A box of oatmeal creme pies, which remained my favorite munchie until they day I quit smoking...they are oh so good :)
  10. I wanted carrots and ranch real bad, but nobody would walk to the kitchen and get it for me. sucked.
  11. I was 12 years old at the benbow inn at Garberville, CA in Humboldt county. I got a hold of some joints from an old lady in downtown. :D

    I went back the resort on my goped on the 101 (not like the bay, hippies walk it all the time...)

    I go on the golf course and smoke my face off and go back to our motor home to find my mom making me a sandwich and some cookies. I think we had some string cheese, freetos.. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.....

    after 10 mins they were on to me.. my step dad asked if i had more, and we smoked together. he was playing with all the buttons in the motor home for atleast an hour.. we were so far out of our trees it was incredible. I miss getting that high...
  12. hahaha +rep
  13. The first munchie I remember eating was oreos at a friends house, I think her mom got mad that we ate too many. I donno. That wasn't my first munchie, but was the first I remember
  14. a mr good bar and a glass of chocolate milk haha. the only reason i remember this is that was the first time i ever had a mr good bar and thought it was amazing.
  15. 6 peanutbutter sandwiches.. I couldn't stomach PB for a year after that :eek:
  16. chips or pizza or something like that
  17. If i remember corretly.. it was a big ass bowl of Lucky Charms!
  18. I was camping and had steak cooked over a campfire.. fuck it was mouth watering
  19. This' kenny's girlfriend because i couldn't use mine for some reason.

    I don't actually remember mine, but i know sometime when i first started
    i was with this kid and no one was home so we went in the cabinet and there was
    m&m's, the little kid sized packs and some snickers we crushed all of them almost...

    other than that i don't remember much hahahaha.

  20. I don't remember what exactly i ate but i do remember saying: "i'm swallowing pure happiness right now". T'was quite a blast!

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