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First Mixing Experience 100% Positive!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pjvoc7290, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. i like to save up a little snapper of all my sacks until i have like 7-8 diff strains and have my own little cannabis cup in my room with the bong
  2. yeah mixing is always time would be arjans haze and some trainwreck, sour diesel maybe some blueberry...ill be spaced out

  3. Dude, props for using a disc as a rolling tray... many a blunt we've rolled on those discs at the frolf course. :)

    As far as mixing-

    Mixing any strain with a strain high in CBD is the best in my opinion. The high CBD strain will take whatever effect the strain you mix it with has, and will make it more potent and last a lot longer.
  4. I love mixing strains, two years ago on 420 I mixed 24 different strains that I saved up over 2 1/2 months. This last 420 I smoked 14 strains in a few blunts, and it was the shit. But on my 22nd B-day I smoked 27 strains in one birthday blunt. It was the best blunt I ever smoked. :D

    Heres a pic of this past 2 420's. The first is 14 strains(willys1,willys2,romulan,c99,frank,Nycd,Skywalker,bb&nl,g-13,akorn,great white shark,Jamaican Pineapple,pro x,trainwreck)
    The second is 24 that I didn't right down.

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  5. thats so fucking awesome!!!! I got ahold of some weak ass skunk yesterday for 20 an eighth, nice bud, but has seeds, definatley will be saving them ; )

    thanks for the props on using a frolf disc, thats a way of life around here :D
  6. the dude who i get my exotics and dankity dank off of has a mix of about 18-20 different strains. the last ones to go in were some nice ass juicy fruit, big bud and a variety of 3 different kush. those are the only strains from his mix i've had on their own and damn was they some fire
    he takes the best buds and keeps em curing together and he busted it all up when he was satisfied.
    i've had 2 hits from it and it's the highest weed has gotten me since the good ol days

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