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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bjpeterson420, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. It was back in the day when I was 16 and got my first alcohol MIP. I went to this party with about 30 people, knew them all.

    So were drinking and what not. My girl as a friend goes stomping up stairs. So I run up there after her and try to talk to her but all she says is fuck you get away. So now I\'m pissed. I walk out of the bedroom punch a hole in the door. Rip my shirt off go outside in the middle of winter. Start screaming and talking to myself saying \"I\'ll fuck you up\".

    About 10 minutes later someone coxs me to come inside. Time flys by blah blah blah. Were all drinking in the basement when all of a sudden one of the parents who own the house falls down the steps. Someone called an ambulance because we thought she was seriously hurt. But she woke up and said she was fine so we call the police back and cancel the ambulance.

    About 10 more minutes later the police show up at the front door. Everyone just fucking scatters, hiding under beds in fuckin closets on the roof. Someone lets them in and they start searching, so I run upstairs and hide in a closet full of close. Well when the police came up I was still in there but my legs were sticking out and my upper body was hiden behind some shirts. The cop says \"you in the closet come out with your hands up\". I just sat there for like 5 minutes all fucked up not knowing what the fuck is going on. Now picture this (you sitting in a closet with your legs sticking out when your upper body is covered by clothes and the cop yelling out you to come out). To this day I still laugh my fucking ass off thinking about it.

    So I finally come out of the closet(hahahahahah). Everyone is getting PBTs in the kitchen when it comes to my turn to take one. I start walking upstairs to avoid the PBT. One of the cops says \"hey you, get back here\" so I say \"i\'m going to take a piss\" and the cop says \"get back here now\" and my smart ass says \"do you want to watch me take a piss\" the cop again says \"get back here\" and aI say another smart ass comment \"do you want to hold my dick for me while I take a piss\". Turns out he didn\'t like that one to much. So he grabs me by the neck and I just fuckin flip out. Two other cops run up to help there partner. Now I\'m on the floor with their in my back getting the cuffs slapped on me. They take me outside and by this my boxers are torn to shit with just pants on. As there walking me to the patrol car, still fighting with them the cop says \"should i taser him\" other cop says \"no\". I\'m sitting in the back of the car waiting to be taken away. And I didn\'t like the way they treated me so I bashed my head on the back side window and shader it. When the cop came out he just ignored me.

    By the time we get to the police station I\'m chilled out. They call my mom to come get me. On the way home all she said was \"I\'ll talk to you in the morning\".

    When I get home my sister is awake with a couple of her friends over. So everything works out just fine. ;)

    Later that morning I walked back to the house and got my shit. As it turns out I was the reason the cops came from going outside. And there basement flooded because I fell into a water pipe thing. Good thing it wasn\'t the pipe to the toilet.

  2. So you are proud that you flooded someone\'s basement and got the cops called on 30 people?

    Awesome dude you\'re the coolest! :rolleyes:
  3. You should\'ve gotten a lot more than a MIP.
  4. what is an mip
  5. No wonder your girlfriend was mad at you. Around here you\'d get punched out for that. Moron.
  6. got the cops called on your friends, you flooded a basement, you disrespected cop and resisted arrest all while underage, not to mention that you \"shattered a police car window with your head\" destroying government property, somehow managed to get laid by your sister\'s friends and all you got was an MIP?

    I\'ll get the broom...

  7. Minor In Possesion.

    I dont belive that part.

    His head would be fucked up after that. Its hard as fuck to break a cop car window like that.
  8. Who the fuck said I was proud dipshit?

    I was gonna get resisting arrest and ubstruction to an officer but since it was my time time in trouble I got an MIP and had to pay for the window.

    I never said I had a girlfriend. Moron

    Who said I got laid? Not me.

    You would be suprised what you can do when your drunk.

    AWESOME! All negative comments. Keep em coming fuckers.

    Name-calling isn\'t tolerated here at all. It can get you banned easily and probably will. *RMJL[/COLOR]
  9. what the hell is this broom phrase.
  10. exactly dude, has anyone else ever taken a bat to a windshield? takes some effort if the car is relatively new.
  11. you cant just shatter a car window, they have like protective screening or something. So they just make like a spider web kinda design. I have seen people kick those things and not break them.
  12. its a south park reference. When something is more or less bullshit, they call shens or shenanigans and get brooms to sweep the bullshitters out.

    And Bj, no need to get hostile, look at it from our point of view. If someone on the internet told you a story like this, are you going to sit there and tell me that you wouldn\'t be skeptical?
  13. So you make this post and try and act all macho and tough but when noone here A. believes part of it. B. cares or C. Thinks you should have gotten that small of punishment you get all pissy? And to let you know, I fall into all three of these options. :) have a nice day.
  14. Funny thing is I bet he thought we would all praise him for being a total idiot. Shit like that gets you view\'d down upon. If you can\'t control yourself, don\'t use the substance. No need to act like an idiot just cause you\'rr drunk.
  15. .....:hello:
  16. haha yeah it sounded like this kid was underage. see ya dude. :wave:
  17. Owned.
    Haha lookit the time above my message! ^^
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