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    Just making a stealth grow journal. Any help and recommendations are welcome!

    Box: 20inx20inx22in LxWxH
    Seed: (1) Mango Kush bagseed
    Fans: (2) 60mm (cfm unknown)fans for intake and (1) 120mm (73cfm)fan for exhaust attached to a carbon filter.
    Soil: Miracle Grow Organic Soil
    Vegging Cycle: 4 25/100 watt 6500k bulbs and 1 25/100 2700k bulb for 3-4 weeks or until about 10-14 inches.
    Flowering Cycle: 4 25/100 2700k bulbs and 1 25/100 watt 6500k until trichomes are amber/milky
    (5 bulbs in the box at one time)

    Method: Low Stress Training to maximize yield. Watering using Brita filtered water. in a 1.75L pot. 20/4 light cycle then switch to 12-12 when I start flowering.

    Temperature/Humidity: Not quite exact but I downloaded an app that said it was 27C (80F) so I dont think heat is a problem. I read that having a full cup of water helps keep the humidity up too. I'm gonna try to find a cheap gauge somewhere.

    I still need a reflector for the walls and the lights. I was gonna pick up some emergency blankets and use the mylar from that. I also heard about painting the box white. My friend suggested a cheap alternative to use white paper on the sides of the box. Would this work?

    Not sure what types of nutes to use. I was just going to see what happens and if any defencencies appear ill address it then.

    I'm trying to get pictures uploaded from my comp asap.

    I only have a sprout now but will be updating later.
  2. The lighting sounds about perfect, and you can expect to get any where from about 7 to 28 grams or more depending on how well you do, and if you get lucky with the strain.

    Monitor your temps closely, you may need a pretty good 120 mm fan to be able to push through a filter.

    Some people might tell you that 24" of vertical space isn't enough, but I've seen dozens of grows with waayyy less space then that. Unless you get a pure sativa you shouldn't have any problems, and even then with some clever LSTing you should be able to make it work. You really don't know what you're going to get with a bag-seed, so just pop the beans and go from there!

    I would start the grow, and see how the plant is acting. If it seems really stretchy, you'll definitely want to start LSTing pretty early on to try to control it. Getting your lights closer to the plant should help reduce stretch too. A SCROG isn't necessarily only for multiple plants, but for a first timer I think it will just add a bit too many variables into the mix. I just drilled little holes all around the top of my pot and used twisty-ties to LST it.

    The biggest mistake I made in my first grow was not vegging for long enough, and also messing with the plant too much in flowering. Do any LSTing, topping, and other types of training during veg, but then just leave it alone for the most part during flower. I kept tying mine around and plucking fan-leaves and stuff throughout flowering, and that just stresses the plant too much. The goal during veg is to get the plant to fill your given space effectively, and the goal during flower is to keep it as healthy and stress-free as possible. You also want to try to guess how much it's going to stretch during flower so that by the time flowering is done the plant is filling your space up perfectly. If it seems more sativa (longer skinnier leaves, and longer node spacing) expect it to roughly triple in size, and if it's an indica (shorter, fatter leaves and short node spacing) expect it to roughly double in size.

    It might be a good idea to top your plant early on (around it's 3rd to 5th leaf set). Your grow space is roughly cube shaped, so you really want your plant to start branching out towards the sides as early as possible. if you don't do this, you might end up with one lonely cola in the middle of the box, and a bunch of empty space around it. Remember, the key to maximizing your yield is to have your box jam-packed full of bud sites and colas.

    Hope this helps. Good luck, and ask away :D
  3. WOW! thanks man you answered all my questions. ill post later if i have anymore questions. + rep:hello:

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