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Discussion in 'General' started by Cork, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Well I am officially meeting someone from GC tonight. Its keepitwolf. idk if you guys know him, but he goes to University Buffalo and I go to Buffalo State so we are ganna meet up and chill tonight. and i got a hookup for him. He seems like a chill guy, but i still dont know him. So if i dont post in this thread tommorow im either dead, arrested, or in the bottom of a well somewhere. But he seems like a good guy, lets hope im right. lol

    anyways, peace out people, wish me luck.
  2. Watch out fer yer cornhole, buddy :wave:

    Haha just messin\' around. Hope it goes well.
  3. Hell yea, should be fun.

    Blaze_it_up420 and I chill before. Fun times. :) Should do it again.
  4. cork is a cop! lol jk all up in your faces.

    thanks for the new connect cork-i was about to loose my mind if i couldnt find quality dro
  5. you need to come chill with me bro.

    you and tokin.
  6. lol, I would man. But, I have no car. And a walk that far...well, I\'d better start now if I want to make it by the end of the month. :)
  7. lol!!
  8. what is it with stoners and having no cars and/or no license.

    well once you get squared away, let me know man. i have a car, its somewhat reliable.. im down for whatever.

    this is a meeting that is LONG overdue. we\'ve all known eachother what, 2-3 years now?
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