first LSD pickup :D (pics)

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    Hey Blades,

    This is the first acid pickup for me, very excited to try it. I've heard good things about this print, but has anyone on GC had a go with this print in particular???

    I'm very curious.

    ...sorry for low picture quality, didn't wanna use a flash.

    edit: thats a sheet, just to be clear.

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  2. How big is that?

    LSD is usually on very small blotter hits, DOB/DOI/DOM require more surface area because doses are higher. If it takes 3 hours to kick in and it's a 10-20 hour trip, you'll figure it out ;)

    If that's a big hit (measure it, will ya?) then it's likely not LSD.

    Very pretty art though.
  3. its a sheet lol. he is not gunna eat the whole thing and trip face for a few days
  4. ...atleast not for my first time...

    lol just playin. but yeah, that's a sheet, all of the hits are about a 1/4 inch
  5. Your first time and you decided to buy a sheet?

  6. It's either dip your toe in and feel the water or jump right in, guess he decided to cannonball. Have fun with that OP I'd do the same thing honestly hahah
  7. Nice,I got two dots ready to be dosed.Probably this weekend.
  8. Yeah haha I would too if I found acid around here. Hard to find in your area OP?
  9. Not hard enough. Can't find shit over here (Chicago).
  10. Looks excellent, man. I love the art as well. Have fun man.
  11. Just got some Hoffmans that I think are DOB but they were fun as fuck anyway. Enjoy those.
  12. enjoy man. i been runnin through too many sheets lately =D this your first time dosing also?
  13. dont wish to sound like a squre or your mum:rolleyes:but acid cant be fucked with at any time esp on ur 1st time! its great and i love it,but make sure you do it with someone you trust and are good friends with,you aint got no worries or anything bad on ya mind and theres good fibes about and your in a safe place,not on top of a fucking tower block:( and you will have one of the best times of your life and be laughing your self insideout!! try and get out into nature woods and forests being for me the best places:Dbut what ever theres one thing that can be for sure you will have the trip of your life,im green with envy aint had atrip for long time:eek:have a good un you lucky person and safe landing
  14. how much did that whole sheet run you?
  15. Oh, haha. I thought that was a hit or two because of the foil. It looked mad detailed to be only a couple of hits.

    +rep then
  16. Mhmmmm I finally got some acid too, dropped onto sugar cubes and the hits are potent. 100 hits was 250 dollars, I took 2 on sunday and had a great trip. I plan to dose a few more this sunday with some friends, I think this will be a summer of frying.
  17. I have the same acid as you right now. Blue Buddah Blotters, I am guessing you are from close to Toronto then. That shit is bomb, took 5 hits of it last night and was wreaked. Two hits of that is enough to blow your mind.

    Have fun!
  18. 45 mins North ;)

    Thanks a lot man, that's basically what I made the thread for. SO STOKED :D

    Would you recommend one or 2 hits of this for a first timer?

    and yeah as most of you have figured out, LSD is damn rare in my area, first time I've come across it in 4 years of searching. Guess you could say i have some "friends" that were also looking for it ie. why I bought a sheet. It was damn expensive though, $850 Canadian.

    happy to hear its potent!
  19. Ouch. I'm hoping to get a sheet or two for $375-400 a sheet in the next week or two...
  20. i need to find me a summer sheet of acid in SoCal ><
    100 e pills for 250 is not as great as 100 hits for 250 :D

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