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  1. just started growing , seeing as i got my make shift medical marijuan card in michigan, started up some silver haze seeds from some bud that was forgotten and not taking care up when it was the most impotant time to be around ( reg seeds all but 1 turned male and pollinated the whole crop, so the seeds are reg seeds to but since its my first grow i figured why not,( free bomb ass weed seed, if the end up goin male i collect some pollen to cross later down the road, having that said i wanted to up my starter operation, any info and incite would be greatly appreciated, i got some seeds coming in the next few days , 1 rocklock fem, 1 LA woman fem, 3 seeds of short stuff blue himalaya desiel fem (autoflowering) and i got 2 g13 haze fem for my buddy, hes got some himalayan gold from greenhouse seeds im gonna get some clones from him when its time, if anyone has any expeirencce with those strians let me know how they are, taste, high, yield with method of growing using, my setup rightnow is a small cabinet with 6 CFL Spotlights 23w=120w 720 watts total if you can add total watts together i dunno to mucch on how lighting really works, also 7200 lumens total, 1200 each light, i also have a small 12 -14? in "Grow Flouresnt light" here are some pics these were put in the ground on january 17th, my dumbass started them in mirco-gro seeds starter(like said first grow) but i have bag of fox farms ocean forest, and happy frog ill be start the seeds im geeting in this medium 1-1 ratio along with transplanting these siver haze when the ready
    heres also a link to a little video of the operaton in action

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