First LEGAL grow journal. eBay (Chinese cannabis bonsai seeds) HEMP or STICKY BUDS?

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by youngbuzz101, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Yeah I know the first two are cannabis whether hemp or not is another story.
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  2. I have the Wish app. They sell these seeds too. I'm curious as to how they turn out.
  3. imagine if they turn out great....bad for local business I
  4. B72C7EDA-126D-4FEA-A2F0-6B9D1E0A92AD.jpeg DEAD8A50-2225-4892-8118-076EB5476227.jpeg That would be too funny if they were proper buds. But I don’t know if they will affect local businesses, because most people wouldn’t purchase seeds from eBay or wish because the price is to low. But for people in the know it would save a lot of money. Also, there is no genetic information so strain hunters would most likely skip the offer.


    So I have purchased a 1200w led grow light pretty sure actual watts is 300-400w,but it should do the trick. Also while shopping at my local Lowe’s I found some organic miracle grow potting soil, and organic shellfish compost. For about $8 a bag so I figured I’ll give it a shot.

    Counting the days!!

    Pictures posted above.
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  5. im sure it will do the trick...
    good luck
  6. Thank you, I think it will also.
  7. I am back! For anyone still interested a lot has happened since my last post. I have decided to start a little early only because we are 10 days out till legalization.

    Since nothing will happen between now and then (bud wise) I want to get a head start on the project.

    To bring everyone up to speed I ordered seeds from three different links on eBay advertising cannabis seeds for sale. Two of the three looked like actual cannabis seeds and will be the focus of this journal. While one was clearly not cannabis with the seeds about the size of a poppy seed.

    So here in Canada with legalization technically already set in law. We are allowed 4 plants. I have decided to do one of each eBay seed. And two back up seeds so I know there will be a smoke report in this journal. The two breeder quality seeds I chose were Ace seeds Malawi and Crop Kings CB Dutch treat.

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  8. Can't wait to see what results you will get.
    My malawi is in full flowering now...I'll try to get a pic later

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  9. Me neither I have just planted the seeds time will tell I guess. Please, I would be very interested to see those photos.

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  10. It's not the best pic....I couldn't reach higher.
    She is a good 2.3m high.
    I have cut the gorilla. ..the cali China gonna get cut this weekend. ..the snowmoon to.
    The malawi and golden tiger wil be another month or so.
    I'll get a close up bud pic to...

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  11. I thought it was 17 Oct for the legalization.
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  12. It is.
  13. It is October 17 but since it takes a while to get the seeds to pop out the ground I started early so Hopefully they will be seedlings by then.

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  14. Those pics are beautiful. I love those narrow leaves.

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  15. Yes and please feature a smoke report when it’s all said and done. I would be very interested in the effects of that Malawi.

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  16. i will

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