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    So right now Its not even an LED grow at all. Its a Sun Blaze High output fl unit with 4 2 ft bulbs.  Im Currently growing 5 strains and this is my second grow ever. Been about three years but Im confident and ready, and the plants are looking pretty good so far.  Barneys farm: LSD, Laughing Buddah. World of seeds: Pakistan valley, Northern lights/skunk. Nirvana Seeds: Papaya. They are all about 2 weeks old today, no pics yet but will soon. had a little issue at the start, was going to start seeds/veg under 400 watt mh, but accidently hotstarted bulb :( which sucked, so I had to throw the 1000 watt hps on to give it some light. This was rough on the little guys but they are all still stout and new growth is coming in quickly now that ive had them under this t5 type setup for a week or so.
        On my first grow I vegged under a 400 watt mh, and flowered under a 1000 watt hps.  Had about 8 females of 15 alive from popped seeds (popped 20 seeds, 5 didn't take) of nirvanas Ak- 48, which honestly wasn't that impressive, although I know I wasn't the greatest grower either. I like the seeds however because they are cheap and for a first timer I got about 8 zips off 8 females in a 6x4 room, so I was happy to have some pretty solid bud after all of that. but wanted more as I knew more was possible.
      This time that kind of light isn't possible, its too hot and expensive, I don't want to buy bulbs forever so im converting after one grow. Ive been researching 14 hours a day foir the last 2 weeks on these led lights, the manufacturers the resellers/drop shippers and I feel like eshine systems as well as cidly, offer a great product at a great price. I was hoping some users who had experience with these exact lights could offer some insight.  I have also contemplated going the way of Induction lighting, through INDAGROW. As those lights last forever and they appear to have some very awesome results with two or three lamps.  Hope to get some help along the way. I will Be using the roots Organics nutes system, Making the brew and throwing the airstone in the bottom for 24 hours gets it nice and rdy for the plants, just made a little foliar spray yesterday, used it tonight before lights out.  I have an entire 10/12 by 10/12 ft room to use and a closet for a slew of clones to veg.  I plan on going sea of green although this is a first for me as well, it seems simple enough and most practical for leds, as they don't have the penetration a 1000 watt hps/mh does. Im planning on buying 3-4 units from either company, or 2 indagrow 420 par lamps. The 3-4 im looking at are either the 300 watt ds 11 band from eshine systems, or my own custom spectrum on an Apollo 8 from cidly, right now im leaning towards cidly because they have just been more helpful along the way answering questions almost immediately through email. haven't even spoken with anyone about the indagrows yet, prob should but its tough to spend that kind of money on 420 watts per unit, that's like 2$ a watt. twice as much as led manufacturers. but then the shipping is crazy plus customs for leds from china. IDK!!!! FUCK... Sorry anyways I should have some pics along tomorrow. Hope to get some watchers!!!!

  2. Also Probably going to end up investing in some sort of tent setup, or building my own once I know which lights and their capabilities/ foot print, intensity, quantity. When I know these things I will have a better idea of how many clones I can do in a given area.  I was thinking about running 120 in batches of 40, snagging a harvest every 30 days or so. but I will still want to keep each strain, I imagine as long as I keep a set of clones alive this wont be a problem. Id rather flower the mothers that yield clones and  just re mother one of the clones and repeat once it gets to size between 60 and 90 days.

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