First LED autofem grow - Northern Lights & Critical Purple

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    Hello everyone I'm excited to be starting this journal to document this grow. I am fairly new to indoor growing, any advice is welcome.


    - 3'x3'x6' tent
    - Viparspectra PAR600 LED grow light
    - 1 Northern Lights and 1 Critical Purple
    - 5 gallon pots
    - Fox Farms Happy Frog soil
    - 240cfm 6" exhaust fan
    - 6" passive intake

    I purchased these auto-fem seeds from growers choice seeds. I will run the light 18/6 for the entire grow. Here is some photos of the girls at day 14.

  2. Cool recommend you don't feed heavy I'm feeding my autos 9ml general hydroponics bloom, 6mls micro, 3mls Cali magic, and 1/5tsp ebsom salt all general hydroponics nutrients I'm running Coco coir but it can be using in soil every other watering after day 16 for me but in soil is wait tell day 21 or so works great with autos I've seen the fastest growth I've ever seen in my life using this so far super happy

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  3. Yeah I'm definitely going to be careful with the nutes. I'm planning on starting at about day 21 like you suggested. Right now all I have is FF Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. From what I've read these autos are supposed to begin pre-flowering at around the 3 week mark. If that's the case should I just forget about using the Grow Big and start by giving it light doses of the Tiger Bloom at the first signs of pre-flower?
  4. I can't tell you a hundred percent look up a lucus formula for foxfarm nutrients

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  5. Day 31, started pre-flower about a week ago. The NL really took off, CP a little behind but both looking healthy.

  6. Week 1 Flower

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