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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ghetto_ch1ld, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. has anyone got picture/s of there plant when it first came out of the ground???
  2. sure here you go white widow 3 days :)

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  3. yer thanks for that its just that two of my seeds have sprouted and i wasn't sure if they were ok or not one of them looks almost exact to that exept one of the leaves had fallin off?? most appreciated
  4. one of your embryo leaves fell off? or is it severely mutated. ive seen one side bigger than the other
  5. yer i think it fell off but this is what happend. first i had 7 seeds in a large pot to see if any would sprout then my parents found the pot so i dug up most of the top soil and put it in another smaller bowl and put it on my window sill then i accedently bumped it off and lost half the dirt thats when i relised that two of the seeds had sprouted so i filled the pot back up with the soil and dug two holes, one of the seeds had sprouted and it looked as if the seed became its first leaves so i stuck it in the ground with the leave just above the soil and with the other seed the stem had rapped itself around the seed so i dug a hole and dropped it in completlely covered did i do tha right thing?????
  6. that one that had the seed wrapped around it, you should have left as is. how far did you bury it? because the seedling only has so much energy dedicated to getting that husk off of it, by you reburying it you may have cut its chances short of surviving. the other one should be alrite.
  7. yer thats good news cause i only buried less than 4mms under the soil. it should be allrite.
  8. yeah you should be fine, keep us posted. start a journal when you get things sorted
  9. yer i will thanks heaps for the help man i was also thinkin of havin a hydro setup, I live in australia so the prices are different and I dont have much money but is there standerd light bulb/s that dont cost much to run that would work. I would only be running it for 2-3 hours a day because the afternoon light shines straight into my room and is allways very bright.
  10. youre asking the wrong person, sorry :) as far as lights go, i will always point someone in the direction where they prolly dont want to go. but if you were interested in my opinion, i would say go with perhaps a 250watt hps or even a 400 for the off season. if you live with your parents, you may want to look into building or going stealth, actually you shouldnt gro without there permission, but if youre on your own, invest in a hps. ive seen a couple of floro grows, but im sure the density just doesnt add up in the end.

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