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  1. Hello All, The very first leaves are turning yellow and dying off...what does this mean?? I got 10 kids growin right along and they just got there first five leaves and about 6 of um the first bottom leaves r dyin...i dunno...and uhhmmm when should they be showing sex and when should i start flowering cuz i want to keep the plants like 1 to 2 foot tall?? thank you all
  2. More information is needed to help. You have ten kids, not all in the same pot i hope. lol ok they won't show their sex until you start the flowering cycle of 12/12 12 hours lights on and 12 hours toatl darkness no light leaks what so ever. are they one to two feet tall now or thats where you want them to finish? they increase in flowering by 2/3 their starting size. What type of growing are you doing soil or hydro? What is your ph and what aare you feeding and how often?
  3. lol no they r in seperate pots... Now they are like 6 inches and im growin in soil and yes i want them like 2 foot at finish and the nutes, and good ideas to buy??...anything i can use around the house to feed them?? any ideas on how much the floro light run that screw in the reg sockets?? id show ya pics but my dad lent the cam out (dumbass) but thanx for replyin so quick any others take forever to reply...
  4. is your dad a toker too? and how old are u?
  5. You probably gotta compact flo. Maybe 60w. I've been growing with flos, the compacts get alot hotter, which means they have to be farther away from the plant, which means the plant is going to stretch. I'd get the shoplight flos and stick em 2 inches from the top of the plants. Then when the plants get bigger I hang the shoplight one on each side of the plants lined with compact flos on top. How many depending on how many plants... I've had good results doing this.
  6. all mine had the first sets of leaves die off or just turn yellow, Just make sure its not bugs of some sort. I would start em flowering after about 6 weeks of vegging or at ten inches to keep em under two foot at finish. Good luck.
  7. i wish my pops would toke up but he works for the government so you know i told him some day hes going to just sit there and do bongloads with me...hehe i told him to get me some of that govern says when he loses his job hell smoke up with me...i am 18... well i gots a about a 2 1/2, 3 foot closet space and the shop lights r to big for my set up so r the floros screw in sockets deals good enough?? and bout how many should i get, right now i got 2 floros but there like the ones you got like above your kitchen sink or whatever like 16 inches or someshit...hehe... o yea i had a lil idea..ha..just think bout it..what if you made the lights 6on 6off 6on 6off ya think id make the plants think its been like 2 days...thats one of my fucked up ok im writin to much ...thank you all
  8. FillaBong-

    6 on 6 off 6 on 6 off will probably stress your plants, so I wouldn't suggest it.

    I normally put 1 compact flo for every foot of space. But when your plants get bigger, the bottom leaves are going to have trouble getting enough light. You could use several smaller flouros like the ones you mentioned for the lower part of your plant, but thats in some time. Also, look up some threads about training plants. Since Flouros get exponentially crappier the farther away they are, I like to keep my plant small and bushy. After I top it, I tie down the alternating stems. This will promote horizontal growth, as well as opeing up the inside of your plant that normally wouldn't get much light.
  9. I agree with greenscott its not always better to have height cuz you lose lighting.

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