First Large indoor grow- Need Help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PainWrek, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Hey fellow connoisseurs. I am going to be starting my first indoor large grow.... Here's the lineup:

    R.P. O.G. #18 feminized- 2
    D.P. Blueberry feminized- 5
    Sensi- Big Bud feminized- 8
    Sensi- Northern Lights regular-8
    T.H. Seeds- Chocolate Chunk reg- 10
    Nirvana- Wonder Woman reg-15

    Now, assuming the 33 regulars sex at a 50/50 ratio, I will be left with roughly 15 or 16 ladies. combined with the 15 feminized that will leave me with around 30.

    Grow space is the jumbo grow lab at 9.5ft X 9.5ft. Will be using 2X 1000w lumatek ballasts with air cooled reflectors and hortilux bulbs.

    So I guess the big question is, will I be able to adequately grow that many plants in that big a space, with that much lighting?

    Plan on going organic soil this time around with bat guano. Also any suggestions on pot sizes would be helpful.
  2. sounds like your lighting will be plenty sufficient for 30 plants. cant say that i would know on the space

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