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First joint.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jjbulletx3, May 3, 2011.

  1. After a long time of getting used to smoking only at home with a spoon--mojo--or my little 5 inch minibong--sam--, I rolled my first joint.

    I practiced a couple times before but that one that i was way too high and my hands got all sweaty and i couldnt get the papers off my fingers. Today felt the fucking day to do it. I got in a huge fight with my girl and we broke up and got back together after some pretty domestic shit.

    Anyways man, I watched a video, rolled it. smoked it. and now i'm the highest i've been. this thing was a one person hitter, only 1 paper and a 7mm filter. Like serious man I'm just high so high i can touch the sky. lol if you get my song reference. and i maybe used .5-.7 gs on this thing. AWWWW MANNNNNNNNNNNN I had all this kief i had saved up to put on it.....[​IMG][/URL]

    well anyways. Whats everyone up to? How's Work? how's life?

    Uploaded with[/IMG]
  2. That's awesome.. first joint!?!?! you should be playing music/basketball or videa games
  3. fuck man i wish i had a console, and i wish it wasnt half past twelve.

    YEAA first one i've ever roll for myself. It was shitty as hell but it was tight and had a load of smoke. and hey i'm happy right!
  4. as long as it worked who cares hahah, good job man, wish i could consume that kief right meow!
  5. right on dude!

    glad to be there for your first joint, even if over the internet LOL

    ya a 0.5-0.7g joint WITH kief would totallllly get me fucking soooo high, and ive been smokin years

    find free games on the internet or do anything. anything fun works :D
  6. Bout to roll another this time with more skill and all that keif goodness. see ya'll on the other side!

    Whats the best way to roll a personal joint? and like should i buy more regs cuz i hear joints arent as efficient as bongs.

    And if you guys havent seen this. theres a game called pandemic 2 and its pretty interesting. Pandemic 2 and other Free Internet Games @
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  8. Damn that joint looks crisp. I suck at rolling joints, I normally roll blunts but that joint is pretty damn sexy.
  9. I still remember the first joints I rolled. Bag of chips doesn't even come close. Did the job though so that's all that matters. Practice makes perfect, six or seven months ago I couldn't roll, now I hate not rolling>
  10. Papers are nice, but they're way too harsh for me. I can't wait until I get my vaporizer, my lungs will thank me.
  11. man when i can afford it i'm looking into getting a vaporizer for sure! But my girl is on my about joints, she thinks its more harmful. iono i use all green in my joints so its not the tobacco. [[​IMG]

    Uploaded with

    getting better and better
  12. Looks good! The end could use a little work where you twisted it. But practice makes perfect.
  13. You should make the twist a little lower. It would make it tighter at the top. I think that made sense?
  14. Crisp looking jay's. Twist a little tighter and you're set.
  15. #15 BurnAFewDown, May 6, 2011
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    Haha super troopers
  16. You put all that keif in a joint? Ughhh i think im gonna be sick D: save your keif for glass and vapes! Pleeease
  17. ... 1) he clearly didnt, he rolled another one in which he said he used some of that keif 2) dont be ridiculous, have you ever had a good joint with keif in it? psh guy just said he doesnt have a vape, let em do what he pleases... :rolleyes:

    for your first few joints, congrats, good rolls. try some king sizes and start rolling some killer jay's dude. my favorites:

  18. So i start twisting from where to herb stops rather than from the tip. that makes so much more sense. thanks a bunch!

    Dude. those papers look huge. and yeah i just used some and it was so bomb. it definitely takes it to a new level. i like to treat myself to goodies once in a while :p
  19. every time i read a joint thread i want one lol
    gonna go roll a fat ass one now

  20. Dopeee im freaking out about my finals and 3 papers to write. a fatty would do the trick right now.

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