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First joint I've rolled :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by degs, May 12, 2011.

  1. A friend gave me like 3 rolling papers, so I practiced with tobacco with the first 2 papers and fucked it up, but on my 3rd try I decided to do it with weed and it was a bit easier. Is it ok? It's a bit loose and I think the filter is too long. Is it smokable? Opinions please :)
  2. Pics or it didn't happen
  3. Wow forgot the pic sorry[​IMG]
  4. looks nice dude, enjoy it.
  5. Light it up and give a response on how it smoked my dude.
  6. Looks pretty good for a first roll, i cant tell how loose it is though. smoke it and find out :smoke:
  7. Looks pretty good dude you will get better with practice.
  8. Sorry for the enormous picture :(
  9. congrats are in order my good sir. I never learned to roll a good joint and for that I tip my hat off to you.....................Sorry very stoned.

    300th post FTW
  10. Haha thanks guys, it was fun rolling it, though it took me a long time. It's also like the second joint I've ever seen
  11. Wow that looks pretty good keep it up, I always admire mine for a while then smoke em makes it a lot better :smoking:
  12. That's actually pretty sexy, not gonna lie haha.
  13. Yeah that's better than my first joints, and it was with thin papers, gj
  14. I think I'll do the same. Can't bring myself to light it just yet :D
  15. Damn, that actually looks really good, especially if your not experienced. I still can't roll joints that well. Not enough dexterity I guess + shaky hands. Way to go!
  16. I swear I've seen this posted somewhere else in the forums, different user....

    Either way sexy smooth looking joint
  17. looks good man, and the filter is good imo i like emm around the length of a cig filter
  18. Awesome joint! Better than mine but i roll with fuckign dictionairy papers lol. Hope it smoked nicely
  19. I just realized how stoned I am...

    I was thinking about the first joint I have ever rolled (although I'm mainly a bong guy). It was a green apple Juicy Jay. After thinking about it I wondered where it went. :smoke:
  20. +1 - good work man, looks better than mine...there again I smoke roll-ups anyway so mine don't really end up looking like joints/spliffs

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