first joint i rolled

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    dosnt look half bad for first one i rolled but i rolled it way to loose and it wouldnt burn good so i ended up making a pipe out of a mtn dew can and smoking all the weed in that j from that and my lightbulb vape

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  2. all i see is a little x :(
    oh well.
    i rolled my first joint probably about 3 months ago, i was pretty happy.
    then started rollin for a good while and now i just roll one whenever i feel like it... i dont roll too much but my joints hit perfectly and always burn slow.
    i dont quite have the ends down yet so it recuires a little work to fix but its still a perfect j when im done.

    and i roll backwards.
    say you were sitting in front of me, i roll with the gum part closer to me, but facing you.
  3. there i put the file as an attatchment and the ends is what i had the bigges problem with i just kinda licked the paper for the end ur mouth goes on and folded it over but that got super wet and nast on the first drag... i know its not me since i can smoke other ppls joints without slobberin all over em
  4. Best method for me is to roll it with a filter, tuck it under the filter for the tuck, the lick it and pack it in with a golf tee. It turns out fairly flawless cigarette sized joints :smoke:
  5. for filters can i just take like a regular peice of paper and make it into a circle and kinda bend it or is there something i need to buy?
  6. not bad for your first joint.
    if it gets wet just let it sit for a minute it'll be fine.
  7. my friend used to take a tiny piece of cardboard and rolled it up and slide it in the ends of his joints.
  8. not gonna lie, thats pretty bad. my first one wasnt any better tho. my advice to you, buy a pouch of rolling tobacco and a book of 1 1/4 or 1 /2 EZ widers, sit down and practice. youtube has a million rolling tutorials.
  9. my dad tried gettin me that tobacco stuff and all to learn how to roll a couple of years ago.
    i practiced a few times and quit, lol....

    but i watched my gf and her family roll for a while and i just decided to try again one night and my first try i did it her way *besides me doing it backwards* and i did it.

    my problem was always i couldnt get the paper to tuck and roll.
  10. well it didnt help that i didnt break up the buds very well i dont have a grinder or anything just a pair of scisors and no patients... bad combo but im thinking im just going to get myeslf a glass bowl to smoke out of since i like smoking from a bowl better any how (would be nice to be skilled in rolling though) and i shoulda put 2 papers together since the ones i got are TINEY zig zag papers
  11. It looks pretty bad. But not the worst I've seen. My first few joints were AWEFUL. But my blunts were almost perfect. I didn't understand lol. Just practice and you will get it. It just takes time.
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    wow kill ur self .... or give up and use a bowl

    This type of post is NOT welcome here. I suggest you pick up on the City's vibe before posting anything else. *RMJL
  13. wow I just roll up flash cards for my filter...they are cheap and do the job of stopping the little grinded up weed from going into your mouth also I enjoy having that little space so I can smoke it to the tip and not burn my fingers I hate when theres no filter and then your like having to use your nails to smoke the last bit whereas a filter you dont have the problem.
  14. Wow man that wasn't cool to flame and tell him to kill himself...

    But I'm sure we were all there at one point, I remember my first j was using a Top 1.0 was a toothpick, but alright...Then I just stuck to blunts, so easy to work with
  15. I guarantee you sucked your first joint.

    If a neg rep from me would actually be effective you'd be first in line to receive it.

    to the OP keep rolling! you'll pick it up eventually. I sucked when I first started now I can rolled a joint / blunt like a pro :hello: Like I said keep it up and don't let people like this bring you down.
  16. I had the sam problems as you on my first couple of joints. Just keep on practicing is the best advice. Good Luck!:smoking:
  17. lol mine were loose as a goose and look gross so i bought a roller on ebay for like 4 dollars wrks great u get some fattys outta it =]
  18. use the dollar bill trick :hello:
  19. It's great rolling joints once you get the hang of it, it's almost natural. I used to suck at rolling a j. This was my first.


    despite it looking okay it was incredibly loose and didn't smoke well. I recommend getting the right papers though, I use blue slim but occasionaly use full blue, I don't like silver rizla cause they have too much chlorine in them.

  20. You shouldn't double up your papers...the joint will taste like paper and will be harsh. Practice makes'll get it eventually. I only roll joints to take to concerts and parties and stuff. Other than that, I just use a pipe or bong. Kinda hard to smuggle a bong into a

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