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First Joint Ever Rolled

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wykyd_Green, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Just rolled my first joint last night with some free midnight special papers hows it look?
  2. I'd smoke it.
  3. Beautiful, bro. I'd smoke that any day of the week :smoke:.
  4. not a bad joint, nice warhammer online stuff on your profile :) i just preorderd it i cant wait to play the beta
  5. Nice joint
  6. id smoke it :hello:
  7. Not bad....not bad at all!:hello:
  8. My first joint looked like shit! Due to the fact that I rolled it at the beach in crazy winds, lol.
  9. My joint rolling skills are slim to none. I use a machine, or pipe that shit.
  10. Nice compared to my first.... lol

    Is it just me or is it really more enjoyable when you roll a joint and smoke while relaxing (this being compared to other ways of inhaling bud)
  11. you should twist and end so you can pack more weed in there and so it burns more evenly and smoothly, none the less, it looks pretty well done for a first timer
  12. Looks really good for your first time.

    Mine look the same.

    Keep Token!
  13. ver very nice, you are going to have some kick ass rolling skills son :D
  14. it looks awesome man!'s as good as any of mine and I must've rolled way more than a million of them by now lol
  15. I think everyone here would smoke it.
    very nice bro.
  16. Thanks for looking it over. I'll try twisting the end and see how that goes next time.
  17. Id smoke that bro :) nice.
  18. my first joint was pregnet in the center, then i learned rolling tobacco smokes and now i roll some of the best joints in mo county :D Looks good for your first bro, could have a bit more weed in it.
  19. Shit, I wish I had more weed that day.
  20. I'd smoke it, but I usually jus smoke a pipe.

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