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first jar is ready from first outdoor grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by lio lacidem, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Had my first outdoor harvest. I grew 3 strains :
    purple nepal x jamaican blue mountain
    Blueberry skunk

    First jar is ready to smoke. Its the purple nepal x jamaican blue Mt.

    Very intense lime and grape flavor with instant effect
  2. 20141104_154530.jpg 20141104_154849.jpg

    Here's some pics let me know what y'all think for first timer
  3. Looks tasty.
  4. Definitely is, you can distinctly taste each different flavor. I am loving it
  5. What did you yield and off how many plants
  6. I had 8 of this strain. I ended up with right under 3.5 lbs so like 7 oz per plant average
  7. Nice. A rewarding first run
  8. Yes the crystal yielded a little less and the blueberry skunk was a heavy yielder. Those both should be dine curing soon
  9. 20141104_203054.jpg 20141104_202957.jpg

    Couple more bud shots
  10. Nice lookin buds. Did you cure them correctly?
  11. Guys, if i were to shred all my weed and fill it upto the top of an orange pill bottle, how many Grams would that be?
  12. Come sell that weed for 5$ a gram in mn and you will be living like a king my friend
  13. Great job for a rookie grow lio!!

    Hard to get dense buds outdoors unless you've done your homework ...or super stable genetics.

    Enjoy, and let's see that hash when you make it...
    You know who to PM in case ya got questions.
    Your brother,
  14. Those are some beautiful buds OP! May I ask what nutrients you used?
  15. id have to say its the genetics. I got these beans from a clise friend whose been growing and breeding along time, got the other strains elsewhere and they are nowhere near as tight.
  16. General organics gro box by general hydroponics
  17. I've kept my ground up bud in these pill bottles and it fits about a quarter. I think a little less but u could jam a quarter in there
  18. beautiful i can't wait to grow

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