First-ish grow, need advice and criticism.

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  1. Hello all, i planted a 'papaya' strain clone about 2-3 months ago into a 5 gallon bubble bucket with a nice airstone, good pump, and had her under a 4 bulb CFL setup that put out bout 8k lumens, 2 bloom 2 grow bulbs, I have been feeding her advanced nutrients shiva A+B formulas at about 40-50 ml/per fill/water change. she shot up nicely and i put her into 12/12 a week ago, but before i did i took 8 clones off her and put into a cloner bucket with a sprayer inside and gave them root solution, theyve been in there for a bout a week. shes now under a 50w red,blue,white spectrum LED panel, and i can see her pistils growing but definatly not a huge amount of growth going on, and the clones are under the CFL setup i used to VEG the mama, basically i just want all advice possible, specifically i need tips on feeding scheduel/amounts of nutrients i need to add, i need PH tips, i always try to keep it at around 6ph. also i need lighting tips, im gana keep the CFLs for clones and vegging them but i am pretty sure i need some more LED power for strong buds. Pics will be added later today/tmrw. please help =]
  2. also her new growth has been yellow-ish, but i was a few days late on filling her up again with nutes n water, and i have a lil 6' fan blowin on her, I also have 2, 4 site bubble buckets to throw the clones in when they get roots, but that also has been not showing much progress, and it seems i cant get the PH of the cloning water to stay below like 6.5 , its always wicked base.
  3. Please answer: and read
    what does the yellowing look like? Burnt or yellow? drying or normal?

    You could be causing nute burn depending on how the leaves look and how big reservoir you are currently using is. pH should be around 5.5-5.8 - if testing with strips or dropper solution to achieve this reach the middle color change from 5.5 to 6. If its 6 its not bad just not optimal you may run into some pH creep up later as well later. So might as well try now

    CFL help:
    Use a method such as SCROG or LST to maximize production. Get the bulbs around 4 " away from the leaves/ plant. Dont be afraid to tie down fan leaves in order to get the main stems closer to allow maximum light dispersion. The sides of the bulb/ not the tip produces the most light/ usable lumens from them. This way you maximize what you have. Later in flowering you clip away any minor branches and flowering sites that dont get that much light further down to allow the top growth to get most of growth and the plant dedicates its resources to those. Watch them tho, at least try to check growth every two days i have had plants shoot up into the bulbs "cuz they's greedy little bastards" and get burned...yea... sucks

    As for that LED run it as a top light to avoid burning tips and get it close...idk 3-4" can be slightly more. But it should be on an adjustable chain/ rope system cuz you will be raising it up with new growth.

    Feeding once every week is good with the nutes you have. Dont go spending crazy money on stuff you dont need. Simple = NICE :smoke:
  4. ok thanks, the yellowing was like either the plant was missing or had to much of something or the PH, definatly not heat, the LED has NO heat coming from it and its like 3-4 off the top of my 12/12 mama, shes getting nice pistils but still its only at the sexing sites, she seems to be going very slow, but growth and livelyness is way up since the nute change, i also dont have a resevoir i just have her in the bubble bucket, filled with about 4 gallons(its 5 gal bucket), the clones have yet to make a single move, and while it looks like the stems are forming into roots, they seem to just be in a stasis, pics tonight i promise haha!
    i plan to keep this strain going thru clones for a while so please anyone with anything to share please chime in. also i need recomendations for hydroponic nutrients for my next purchase because shiva isnt really that great, mama is 9 days into flowering and clones are 9 days since i cut them, will update tonight, thanks guys, peace
  5. Posting pics of it helps a lot more than tryin to explain what it looks like.
  6. also ive been reading on scrog and SOG, if anyone with experience can chime in, and tell me which is better( i am height constrained for veg, but not for flowering) and give me some tips or something on them, ide love to start this with the clones, and also i dont really know how else to change the water/nutes in my buckets except to prep and ph another bucket with water and nutes, then very VERY difficultly and carefully lift the plant and all roots, with airstone entangled, into the new bucket, i KNOW there must be an easier way of doing this, i looked into the lucas formula but i dont use those nutes and i suspect i would just get a build up of something or other. please guys lol i need some serious tips here so this train can keep chuggin along.
  7. Have you considered doing a little LST before scrog? I've seen a few people do that her on GC with good results.

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