First internet chat used to talk about "procuring marijuana"

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  1. Okay, not sure if it was the first chat or whatever. It was mentioned while I was reading an article I had for my media class here in university. I am way too stoned to actually read all that boring shit, but I did get a laugh out of one paragraph.

    "In accordance with the university research tradition, ARPANET's involved graduate students in the core design functions of the network, in an atmosphere of totally relaxed security. This included the use of ARPANET for students' personal chats, and, reportedly, discussions about marijuana procurement opportunities. (pg 19)" [1]

    1. Castells, M. (2001). Chapter 1: "Lessons from the History of the Internet," in The Internet Galaxy: Reflections on the Internet, Business, and Society. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

    LOL. I got a chuckle.
  2. hah wtf? Why would that be there?

    I should have put this in general; I was way too stoned, because I could've sworn it was posted there...
  4. Well then. :p
    What a cool student network.
    Maybe I should go there. :)

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