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First intentional T-break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Neo31, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. So I've smoked the plant for a good number of years now. And with the economy being how it is, and my tolerance getting to the point that it was, plus also jobsearching and not having to worry about drug testing being a plus, I thought it was time to maybe take a break. Been without since the 23rd and at this point, life is slowly starting to get back to where it was.

    Up until now, this probably seems like a self backpatting session but I do have a question that I can't seem to resolve in the meantime and would love some input on.

    What is there to do when so many of things you do in life is dependent on smoking either before or after the event, what's left? I've been swimming at the pool lately trying to get a little more in shape, and going out and trying to be social. Sadly intoxicated people are aggrivating when you are the sober one.

    Any ideas/tips for getting through about a month or so of sobriety?
  2. Ive been dry for just over a week and i've found myself going out drinking a lot more, its quite fun having a change but I cant keep it up long, so expensive and i get really bad hangovers.
  3. It really seems to be the thing to do is to go drinking when trying to be clean. But I too suffer from hangovers quite a bit. Like even when I was a heavy drinker, the first few hours upon waking were a true bitch.
  4. Just forget about it. Don't substitute it, like you need to be intoxicated to have fun. Either that or just keep smoking. But do whats best for you. Only you know.
  5. a month of sobriety would suck, but i might try a t-break myself for the week and see how it goes.

    my stash is almost out so i am blazing small sessions now. have about a gram left of a kush strain
  6. Yeaaah, like that seems to be the best approach is not to think much about it and just carry on with life like normal. Gradually, day by day it does get easier. It just became not fun to smoke at a point. Like, I used to get stoned, but not like it used to be, and I was buying some really, really potent weed.

    But after a month, to take a hit of good ol Mary, I will be sure to post victoriously lol. Those who have done it always have good experiences that come as a result so why not just try if the constant doing it isn't fun anymore?
  7. I'm enduring a T-break with ya buddy. Got laid off, been looking for a job and didn't want to sweat the drug tests...

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