First Indoor Stealth Blueberry Grow w/LED

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  1. Just moved our blueberry girls (clones) into a more secure setup. Lined the walls with foil. Using a 90 watt LED UFO. Temperature is currently 21.5 degrees Celsius, and 31 percent humidity. Did a pH test this afternoon and consistently this week and was between 6 and 7. Had a spidermite problem initially, used natural pesticides in addition to finger smashing., taken care of for the most part, but lost some main lower leafs in the process. They also suffered a night of dehydration and heat into the 30 degree celsius area, but this is them, two days after that. There is still some browning occuring on our main lower leaves. Do they need more light? If we turn on the 40 watt CFLs (see picture) the room gets incredibly hot. We need to find a way to cool it down, but it needs to be extremely quiet. The dimensions of the space is about 2'x2'X4'. If you have any suggestions, all help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  2. Is there any kind of fan/ventilation at all. Also tear off that foil and just paint that box white.
  3. That's what has to be installed next, but Im not sure of a good way to dampen the sound around the ventilation fan. Is the foil negatively attributing to the plants? I understand that white walls are good too, but Im just wondering if/how the foil is hindering.
  4. Foil can burn your plants maybe nit with led but if you ever want to turn on those Cfls And the plant is probably doin badly because it has no ventilation or fan blowing on it.
  5. you probably need a fan of some sort.carbon filters are a good way to dampen fan noise. theres a couple DIY ones on here.from what ive read in books fresh air is as important to cannabis as light or water. is that just straight up aluminum foil in your box? im pretty sure foil isnt as big of an issue with LED lights, but its probably not such a good idea to use regular old aluminum foil and upgrade to a better reflective surface like mylar or even flat white paint.
  6. We are going to take down the tin foil and see if that helps with the brown leaf situation we have going on. As for the ventilation, if we install a small fan how long should we keep it on in a day? We just worry that the fan might be quite loud. Is there an optimum amount of time the fan should be blowing?
    Also, the pesticide we used for the spider mites was called "Doktor Doom Go Green Botanics Insecticide Plant Spray" It says it contains a botanical insecticide from the Chrysanthemum flower. We sprayed the plants once a day for three days and it seemed to get rid of the mites, but just wondering if maybe any of you know if this product might be contributing to the browning on the leaves?

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