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  1. Hey everyone :wave:
    So i came across 25, unfeminized, "Winston OG" seeds. :D
    I got home and did the moist paper towel technique expecting them to crack in a few days... nope, the next day they were noticeably open. :eek:
    I didn't really know which direction i wanted to take this grow, so i smoked it over :bongin:
    After some advice from good friend I went to the local hydro store and picked up a bag of "Rapid Rooter Starter Plugs", a 50 cell tray with reservoir, and a clone dome with dual adjustable vents. I dropped the bad boys in the rooter plugs, root tips downward, placed them in the tray, gave a few sprays of purified water, and placed the cover on. I had a 13 watt CFL over the dome for the first night, just for mild warmth. The next day the sprouts showed up. I had a 2ft 2 bulb T5 setup from a previous setup, so i took down the weak sauce cfl, mounted the T-fizzles and fired it up. Obtained some thermal/reflective sheeting from a depot, and now the seeds seem content. A few days into it roots are clearly visible out of the bottom of each plug with runners coming off of the main one.
    I would really like to do a couple of these hydro, but i hear it can be rather tedious as far as nutrient levels and Ph. Im a pretty firm believer in soil. What can i say, i am an "Earth Sign" lol . I just wanted to get some input from you all as to what you think so far, and maybe what direction i should go?? Also , how long before i should give them a their first noots? and how small of a dosage?

    some pix =]

    Next Day Germ

    Seeds in rooter plugs in dome with 13w cfl.

    Day 3 - sprouts

    The T5 setup.

    Lookin Good

    Some reflective sheeting


    thanks for cheking it out, lemme know what you think =]
    peace & prosperity .
  2. I am a newb here, so forgive me if I am wrong and hopefully someone with more exp will correct me, but those things look WAY stretched, ie.. the light you have them under isnt going to do the job. Thats a shit load of plants for 2 2' lights, and I am betting will require a lot more light. But hey, some of these guys pull off pretty good grows with florescents.
  3. Yeah there stretched. I would remove the dome and put the light as close as possible 2-3" from the tops.

  4. Yo man; New member here, but not too new to growing.

    Just wanted to start by saying Great pictures. I need to get a better Camera, my phone pics are not cutting it right now haha

    I got attracted to your post because you are also using Rapid Rooter plugs. I am doing my first grow with them and you are probably just a couple of days ahead of me. I placed my germinated seeds inside the plugs yesterday and I plan to do hydro. Since the beginning I have done hydro ( I guess I am attracted to do the innovative method); have done DWC and drip.

    My plan with these as of right now is to place the plugs in Rockwool and drip feed.
    But all I can say is, if you are an Earth man then stick to your guns.

    I will be subscribing to this Thread.

    PS: Def a good call in bringing those seedlings closer, and if they continue stretching. I would either get a stronger light or weave out a couple of the slower/weaker looking babies.

    Best of Luck
  5. great pics and yes those are stretched go lower the llight and then show me new pics!:)
  6. okay guys. . . sorry for the reply lag.
    so since all of you guys mentioned something about the light being too far away i propped up the setup to get them closer to the light. but when i got home today, they looked like this. :confused:



  7. wats the temp mine did that and it was 90 degrees and they fell over so i put a fan n there and blew it out the heat out my room. cant say thats the full prob thou, ima noob too
  8. nice set up!
  9. i need to get my thermometer and humidity reader, as well as my mini fan and timer.
    its feeling pretty warm....
    i have a 125w cfl with standard reflective wing, i think I'm going to hang that up instead of the t5's.

    Q2all: Is going from 24hr light cycle to 18/6 going to affect the seedlings? or do i have to stay at 24?
  10. @ mrdulin: ghetto rigged till i can find a couple shoe boxes or something. lol

  11. yeah, i think im going to put some of the stronger looking ones in solo cups with some happy frog soil. and fire up my 125w cfl, but i think i will be investing in a 200w cfl just for this run. i hear you can do some good vegging with fluoros.
    the rapid rooter plugs are amazing, i looked into them a lil more online and i guess they have some beneficial bacteria/microbes of some sort as well as being compost itself.[?] lol but all my roots look healthy and furry :D
    thanks for the pictures comment, my gf bought me an excellent camera for valentines day. if your into keeping grow journals and want to point out specifics, i say get one... the one i have is canon 14mp.
    and thanks again for the luck, best of wishes to you and your aquatic methods. :smoke:
  12. Heyyyy man how long after u planted them did they sprout???
  13. even a basic one not directly in the light will give u a close ass reading, i used a fish tank under water one for my 1st few weeks lol

  14. i put them in the rapid rooters and they sprouted a day and a half later :D
  15. hey dude.

    Any luck keeping the temperatures down while still keeping the lights where you want them?

    I just turned my lights on today as 7/8 babies were penetrating through the rapid rooter.
    8th one I dropped while trying to place her tail down in the plug... Dont think she will make it.

    Anyway, if you check out my pics (FredStonne_Grow). You can see I tried a few ways to keep temperatures cool. Like pointing the fan down at the dome has been the most efficient as well as placing some white film in the dome to keep things a bit cooler. Still my temperatures are a bit high.. 86 degrees. Better than 90 I guess. Cant wait for my CoolTube to get here.

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