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  1. Alright well I started these inside about 10 days ago under 1 CFL and 2 18" fluoros. I was planning on getting them to be at least a foot or so before moving them outside, but the weather was nice today so i put them out to get some real rays. Im still gonna keep them under 18/6 because ill move them in when the sun starts setting.

    Im trying to keep them as low and bushy as possible. They are bagseed since this is my first attempt so no telling what will happen.

    Yes I know I need some bigger pots.

    Let me know what you think.

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  2. Ok, comments, thoughts, opinions....viewing but must be too stoned to type i take it?
  3. Im not an expert, but i can see a little stretching....put the fluros a few inches away from the tops of the plants. Also, you will need to transplant soon enough so you might as well do it now.

    I'm also not sure about doings lst when they are so young...but im sure someone will know.

    What kidn of soil are you using? do the cups have drainage holes? i see a slight droop on 1 or 2 of the plants.

    Other than that, looks good and good luck.
  4. Yes there are holes in the bottom, I make sure water comes out when I water them. The soil im using is organic something or other from the hardware store, I threw away the bag. Im sort of experimenting with these by doing LST this young to see how it turns out, I mean it is only bagseed after all.

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