First Indoor MiniGro - Medicine Woman Black - Winter 2014

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    First Indoor Winter grow; Medicine Woman and Black. Plants came here to the farm one month into Veg and were under about 400W fluorescent for 4 days under 24 hour light.
    Day 5 - Transferred into 10 gallon soft pots then watered 2 gallons (with Cal/Mag) per plant, and another 4 gallons (with Cal/Mag) per plant on Day 6 the day after transplant.
    • Moved to tent in garden shed under 600W HID - 24 our light. Temps maintained 66-71 degrees, with humidity reading 43-50.
    Day 10 - Plants have grown about 3 inches since arriving, looking good with a few spots of white powdery mildew (maybe 3 total); trimmed one of the larger leaves with WPM . Have been trimming larger fan leaves as they grow, maybe 5-8 leaves per plant every day.
    • Soil PH level is is reading 49 in Black, and 54 in MW. Looking into adding a gallon of water with Baking Soda to level out acidity in Black.
    • Humidity is still low, but temps have been higher in the tent. I threw a quilt over the top of the tent, took the glass off the hood, and added a space heater outside the tent.
    • Disconnected the exhaust from the hood so inline fan blows through the light, straight into the tent with exhaust out the top. 
    • I haven't been running the inline fan because the humidity levels are so low and the temps come down. The oscillating fan seems to keep the air moving just enough.
    Day 11 - Power outage yesterday forced me to bring both plants inside as temps dipped into the 40's in the tent within 30 minutes of no power. Thankfully this is a small grow, 10 gallon pots suck to move!Since they were inside, I ran a baking soda flush through the Black strain to bring up PH.  Before flush she read 4.9, after flush she read 6.4, and this morning she was at 6.1
    • Temps remained in the 70's through the night, with heater outside tent on High, no exhaust fan just the oscillating fan.  Humidity is keeping calm around 50%
    • Trying to find a way to water without bring plants out of tent.  Propped them up on 2x4's so they are now off the bottom floor of the tent which might give them just enough elevation to use gravity to draw out overflow when watering.  Looking into galvanized Hot Water Heater drip pans (have a connection for a hose, but are only 2 inches deep.
    • Continued LST, bending branches to the point where they really give resistance, and either tie them to bamboo steaks, or use hooks created with wire to keep branches bent and in place.  Growth has been outstanding the last few days since LST started.
    Day 12 - Black PH'd super low again this morning so I ran to the Hydro store for some a PH up/down kit with drip tester.  Came home and PH'd the tap water at 6.5. Since Black plant was still low I added 1.5 mL per 2 gallons of PD/up and flushed with about ten gallons (also addd the normal cal/mag of 1 ml/gallon). After a few hours she metered at 6.5 PH, we'll see if she stays there. 
    • Installed net above canopy and continued LST.
    • Instead of severely bending the branches, I've decided to tie them down gently in order to expose the entire branch.
    • I should have waited until I watered to continue training... I broke 2 branches today.  Small splits at the node, nothing hardcore, but still a split.
    • Used some hemp to tie the branches in a way that they might heal quickly.

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    Thanks for the comment.  Will adjust the light and see how she reacts.  I thought the same thing about a week ago, but another dude mentioned it was the strain... but that shit is stretchy as fuck!
    Light was definitely too far away! I was so focused on plants and pH and temps through -20F nights that I ddin't even think about the light. Fixed and rocking and rolling again. The Black strain is still acting like a bitch. Not much growth the last few days, and the nodes aren't showing any signs of flowering. Thanks for the comment
  5. Day 21 - Switching to 12/12 today. Bought a controller for the fan, and moved the heater inside the tent on low and the temps stay exactly where I want them. Weather is back to normal here so not worried about cold nights for another month or so.
    • Watered today, added half the recommended dose of Pro Bloom, and matched exactly 10 gallons of water to the ten gallon pots. Run off pH'd at about 7, which is exactly where I want to be.
    • Black strain isn't exactly looking like I want it to right now. Leaves are green and stalks are strong which is good, but I don't see any pistils developing in the nodes which I read were signs the plant is ready to flower - PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG!
    • Medicine Woman looks great.  I wish she were bushier but she is a strong plant, looking like she wants to carry some weight.  We'll see.
    • Started a few clones the other day in cubes on top of perlite inside a clone dome. I have clones all ready to come over from my buddies house, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to get some of my own going and experiment. Some of them are a wilting a touch, but most are going strong so far.  Haven't checked for root development, but it's only been a few days.

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  6. Day 24(ish) of Flower.
    Fighting Powdery Mildew on The Black, seems to be neutralized for now with a mix of PM Wash, higher temps (70's during lights off) and a dehumidifier. Had some gnarly Oregon weather come through leaving us with days outside where RH was consistently 85%, which led to a spike up to 81% inside my tent during lights off after watering. PM Led to a few days of slow growth, but she's looking a lot better now.
    Medicine Woman seems to be unaffected by the PM for the most part,  A few spots here and there, but hoping a little spot treatment from the PM wash will kick it.
    Thought I'd add a few updated pics too.

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