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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by vrolt, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Hi Gc,
    I just want to start some indoor growing, but i want to have a strain (and where i can buy it+ship here, canada) that will be ready to harvest fast like during christmas holidays, because after that i want to start a big mother of an outdoor strain for next spring.

    The room (wardrobe) is 4 feet large, 3 deep and 5 in height. I will put foil paper (or is there a better deal $$ ?) on the wall, and i don't want to go bigger than fluros because my salvia plant which is already 1.5 meter grow there and she don't like high temp. I was wondering how i can cool down the place (which kind of fans).

    Thx for your answers and don't forget it's just a basic setup, to have fun and practice hehe. I prefer outdoor growing but i want to try.
  2. do you have walmart in canada? if so, they stock mylar emergency blankets with are cheap and work good. if your closet is already painted white you should be set. best thing to do is to browse seedbanks and check each strains flowering period, which if you add a month to that'll give you a close estimate as to the length of the grow.
  3. Two month is a very short amount of time. Good luck. Look into lowrider strain?

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