first indoor grow

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  1. hi all these pictures are in date order
    i have just started lst today. i will keep updating pics every couple of days.
    i currently have 4 100w cfl, 2 pc fans, temp is constant 79 degrees, and light schedule is 18/6. grown from bagseed
    any comments, good, bad, advice greatly appreciated cheers all. peace

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  2. hi all pic as of 11 am today

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  3. Just keep lights close specially if CFLs 2 to 3 inches away from your plants leaves. Also make sure to train it slowly dont want a break. Leaves look dry? Getting enough water?
  4. hi mate i had a overwater problem now recovering hopefully lol
  5. Hey, where'd that second lil sprout come from in the second picture?

    Lol, for some reason, i had the same thing happen... twice.... in one of the pots with a 3 or 4 week old plant.... a little sprout just popped up next to it.... pulled it out.... same thing happened again a week later, in a different spot.... lol... it was wierd...
  6. hi all the second plant just appeared. so i transplanted and it is still growing lol
  7. hi all some more pics coming on slowly does it look ok to everyone

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  8. hi all can you tell me if it looks ok. i know it is a bit small but this is my first grow it is on day 14 of 12/12. please comment.

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  9. it would look better if you diddnt have a male.. better luck next time
  10. i cant even tell, it kinda looks like its got balls, but do males make colas like that? you can easily see colas developing on the tops of the plant.
  11. yeah, i see both the balls and the colas.

    hermie maybe?

    edit: changed my mine and im guessing male. Its hard to tell but the new growth on the ends just looks like light green growth to me. Try to get some better pictures
  12. 100% male ...... sorry better luck next time

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