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    hey guys Im new here and new to growing as well. I picked up the tricks and what not from friends who have grown in the past. But this is my first time and i wanted to get some feedback. so please be helpful with criticisms but dont be harsh ;]

    what i got: Sunleaves Pulsar Two-Way Mini (400w HPS) 12/12 light cycle
    my grow room is about 3ft long by 2ft wide. this is a closet grow unfortunately.

    nutrients: house and garden
    grow medium: coco
    so feel free to tell me whats up.

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  2. Hi..

    Plants look good. Just be careful that you don't get any light leakage during 'night' time. It should be absolutely dark in the room.

    Good Luck!
  3. i turn the lights off at 8pm, so its dark by then and the closet is closed and the room is dark so i keep it dark always! thanks man!
  4. can anyone tell me if i should trim the leaves so that the other buds get more light?
  5. I have trimmed some lower branches, due to the fact the lighting is too weak down that low and they don't really produce much and I feel are taking away from the rest of the plant. I have not trimmed leaves until late into the flowering period.


  6. thanks man for the help!

  7. hey bro, I notice your leaf tips are curling under... is your ph of feed 5.8? this is important.
  8. I trim fan leaves all the time to allow light to reach lower branches. Also clean off all the lower 1/3 of growth. Won't get light anyway. Seems to work well for me.

  9. im pretty much the same, remove the lower 1/3 of branches that wont get light after wk1 of flower. I never remove healthy leaves unless near the end of budding and i need more air circulation... The leaves ARE the power factories that makes the bud grow!
  10. Yeah I hear that. I have done both. Just let them do their thing and trimmed. For my space I tend to get a little better buds on bottom when I trim. I haven't noticed it hurts my yields because I think the bottom buds get better. Now I do notice colas aren't quite as big. So I guess if I don't trim it all pretty much = out. I would let the bottom buds grow longer. Meaning harvest the tops, leave bottoms for a bit longer. But when I harvest I have to move new plants in right away. So yeah it's just whatever works best for you.
  11. Hey, me too! same setup too. Except i have a whole room and I'm only using like a small part of it. It looks hella good man, I have a little clone that happens to be flowering like that.

    EDIT: minus the coco. Thats pretty advanced for someone who just started. The internet has changed the culture...

  12. ya its all fixed. my ph is a little lower than that.

  13. i didnt think coco was so advanced, it seemed super easy compared to other mediums.
  14. Well it isnt advanced, technically its really simple. All I'm saying is I'd never heard of it until after I started my grow. Not sure how anything could be easier than using dirt though..

  15. dirt is not the best. its not easy.

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