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  1. Hey everyone this is my first attempt at an indoor grow and thought it best to get in and get everything checked over before I spend to much. Bit of background I grew outdoors a few years ago but ended up with 2 healthy 3ft plants both turned out male though:( so im not a complete novice.
    Back to the point I have a 2m tall cupboard thats about 1m wide and 60cm deep which i removed the shelves from. Im going to build an odour nuetralising machine that should take care of most of the smells (im in a highly populated area), going to buy 2 2x flouresent light fittings and 2 normal globe fittings and run the long ones in a line above the full grow area and then drop the normal globe fittings down in the middle of the plants for side lighting. Small fan that i will put on to keep the air moving and strengthen the plants. Timer to control the lights when i wish 2 flower them. Im going to grow in regular potting mix and add ferilisers when needed. Since this is my first grow I want to use it to find what type of stone I like the best indica/sativa/mix and because its my first time and it might fail im going to buy nirvana seeds and am thinking;
    Top 44 (indica)
    White Widow (mix)
    Jack herrer hybrid (sativa)
    Any feedback crisisms welcome on strains and setup my goal is 3 females.
  2. Make sure that if you are using fluorescents, you use T-5's. Much better. Forget the globes. Worthless.
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    Whats a T-5? A type of bulb for the tube lights? I was only putting the globes in for side lighting but if its not worth it save money for any problems that i'll encounter.
    Been reading around the forums and a few guides just want everything to get checked before I buy the stuff I need. Will be starting a grow journal with pic's when things get started. Any idea on the strains? Want to order asap so I can get started.

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