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  1. heres 2 plants im growing from bagseed i sprouted in the garden in the summer

    the have been under 24/7 light for almost 1 month 1 week now

    both plants have been growing lots of white pistils, maybe they are a strain which shows sex during veg, i dont think their auto-flower because they havnt started budding

    im using x2 27wt cfls wth 6500k lumens,and x1 43wt cfl 4800k lumens

    ill wait 3 more weeks until i switch them to 12/12, i still need more lighting, bigger pots and better soil as im still using soil from my garden

    sorry for dark pic, all comments apreciated
  2. they look good....keep us updated with pics
  3. heres and update, got 3 new lights on these babies, two 27wt red spec cfl's and a 43 wt, transplanted into bigger pots yestrdays

    they are 5 days into flowering and both have pistils up their ass, i couldnt get a good shot though as the cam resolution isnt too good

    i have one question though,

    should i switch the red spec cfl's to the top of the plants and put the 6500k into the desklamps for flowering??

  4. no leave it, they look happy...
  5. Looks good man.

    After the plant is sexually mature, 3-6 weeks, it will automatically show sex regardless of photoperiod. Yours look fine.

    Be carefull with soil you get in the garden that is brought inside; pests could be in the soil. Sterilizing outside soil is a great idea albeit a pain to do.

    I don't think it really matters where the spectrums are comming from. However if you mix spectrums during both veg and flower, maybe putting the appropriate spectrum light on top the plants during the appropriate phase, might be more natural? Who knows?
  6. they look great. did you fim/top at all??
  7. Pretty plants keep the pics comming :)
  8. yeah i topped them both at the 4th or 5th node,after that they both grew pistils in 24/7 veg

    6th day flowering now, ill get more pics up within the following weeks:smoke:

    thanks guys
  9. 15 days into flowering,bought more y sockets and 2 27wt cfl's for red spectrum, heres some pics

    managed to get some closeups with a magnifying glass

  10. Nice Pictures!!

    You took those through the magnifying glass?
  11. thanks man, yeah i used the manifying glass for close up bud shots and worked well

    srry for the extra large pictures, i forgot to crop his time, althoug you can really se in detail now :)
  12. that looks great! I'm beginning with similar lighting and I plan to flower with them as well, gives me confidence.
  13. they look really really good man. how did you top em? using any nutes?
  14. looks really good. did you skip the 18/6 time period?
  15. i topped them at about the 5th node, with a snip it was done;)

    i was using mysterious 'tomato' MG stuff for veg, in a mason jar so i dont really know the specs except that it was MG

    but shortly after swithing to 12/12, i went out and bought some MG ULTRABLOOM 15-30-15, cuting the required indoor plant mixture in half, and seems to be working great

    mind you though, when i first started using the 'tomato' stuff for veg, i had fert burned my babies abit, but they recovered

    i read alot on these forums that MG is good, just becareul

    edit:yeah benito, with the cfl's i had them n 24/0 for about 1 month 2 weeks(kinda long veg)
  16. how many total watts do u have now?
  17. @hippy - i have roughly 248watts(cfl wattage) of light for both plants

    trichome production started yesterday,heres a new pic from today of my biggest bud growing as of yet

    im gunna prune this plant tonight and makes clones with the snippings to grow after this harvest, also to allow growth of 'colas'(?) good idea?

    overall, im very proud and excited of my first grow attempt

    to think i went from bagseed sprouts in the garden with no knowlege of growing, to where i am now with a little reading and confidence:smoking:

    cant wait to smoke MY OWN BUD

  18. sup dudes

    heres some progress in my babies..

    also have 4 clones on their 3rd day, still no root but their doing good


    the more they grow the longer it seems to take haha

    btw heres some picures of them when i first brought them in from outside and as my closet progressed into a grow room haha
  19. i would take out the incandescent bulb i herd it doesnt really do nethin

  20. haha yeah i kno, that was before i had done any real reading about growing or had the money to buy equipment

    those pics were just for fun

    heres what my closet looks like now

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