first indoor grow to much light?

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  1. Hello, This is my first thread so hopefully I will get some feedback. I am setting up a stealth grow in my dresser, I plan on Growing some autofems in there. I have a 600 watt HPS light set, I went to my local grow shop today and bought my ventilation stuff ( active carbon filter, a duct fan) and all the stuff that goes with that. well, the shop owner said that my 600 watt HPS light is to much and will give me heating issues, thats way I bought the ventilation stuff duh. Is it possible to have to much light, I think not. This is my first indoor grow.

    Any help would be Great!

  2. If you're grow space is not big enough for your light, ya' got yourself too much light! Yes it's possible :).

    2x2 space with a 1000w would probably be overkill.
  3. Thanks,

    my space in 2x3ft, and I plan on growing 6-8 autofems in there what light would be approriete?
  4. That light is great for that space. You'll grow a beast. That six hundred will make the plant reach a place nothing under the six hundred is gonna
    Just make sure you vent it well enough
  5. You'd be better off with two plants in five gallon buckets bro. That six will make em qp plants.
  6. cool, any sugestions on venting I am using an wooden dresser should drill some holes to passive intake and if so how can conceal and cover them so light doesn't come throgh

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