First indoor grow. The purple upper stems and malformed fan leaves are a concern.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ZellGrows, Dec 26, 2022.

  1. First indoor grow. 2 clones taken from an outside plant in flower, they’ve re-vegged over the passed 2 months. About to flip to flower cause I don’t think the pots are big enough to veg much longer

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  2. Any ideas on why the fan leaves look like they do and the upper stems are purple? All observations are welcomed. Thank you
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    Why is my cannabis turning purple?


    Simply put, cannabis can turn purple due to high quantities of a compound known as “anthocyanins”. The varieties of the purple hue in some cannabis buds are dependent on how much of the compound is circulating throughout the plant.Sep 4, 2020
    Cold temps at night are the most common reason for them to change color.

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  4. Must say, that adds up. Took me 3 weeks to get the environment correct with a few nights dropping below 40F
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  5. Only thing is though that it’s the stems not the buds (still in veg)
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    How do you get rid of purple stems?


    Magnesium deficiency can cause purple stems. A good cannabis-friendly nutrient system has a significant amount of magnesium, but if you're using very soft water, or RO water, you may need to add a Cal-Mag to your nutrient regimen.
    It is the 2nd more common reason. As long as the plants are growing well enough I've long stopped fussing over small stuff. I'm outside so I've learned to accept a lot more variance in appearance. Wind whips them. Grasshoppers stop by for a nibble. I use hose water with high PH and it is challenging to fight that.

    Current set vegging outside in the ground under lights.

  7. You the man BNW. I appreciate the help and subtle nod to the info available on the web. Flipping to Flower tn. Wish me luck
  8. Purple is almost always Magnesium. Unless you are using some kind of pot specific flowering nutrients, it probably doesn't have enough for cannabis, which seems to have special Mg needs, especially in flower. It is very common to add calmag during veg and epsom during flower. 1/16 to 1/4 per gallon or about 100 to 200 ppm for the epsom, or 300 ppm for the calmag.
  9. i used fox farm for the mother plant but have been trying to go organic through compost and cover crop but due to the issues I mentioned above I reverted back to using just the big bloom and calmag with a little grow big to round out the ph and get these ladies back on track. When you say “epsom” you just mean like epsom salt? And that’ll provide magnesium.
  10. Yes, epsom qualifies as "organic" and is used to provide added magnesium. In late flower, the Nitrogen in calmag is sometimes un wanted or unneeded, but the Mg is still required or even increased in need, so epsom is a possible solution.

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