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  1. hey everyone. finally got rid of the cap ebb and grow as it was giving me problems before i could even get started. im now stuck with two 600w hid ballasts with two hortilux eye hps bulbs and 2 cap exxxtreme 6 reflectors. i also made a diy ezcloner that im running under a t5 2ft by 2bulbs. my room is around 7-1/2ft long, almost 6ft wide and 6ft tall. ill throw up some pics later but im just wondering what everyone thinks i should do as far as hydro or soil/ soilless. ive researched enough to know that since i resold my cap system for 400 i could easily build a similar one for a 1/4 of the price.....IF that was the path i choose to take. ive looked into the diy four bucket bubble buckets and i was thinking about splitting my room into 2 sections, and setting up a bubble bucket system under the one 600w light with a mh digilux bulb for vegging then use the other section for my hps hortilux and flowering. then i could use the t5 and the cloner in a blocked off section in the veg room for small clones and seeds. or do you guys think id be better off just doing 8 buckets all flowering under 2 600s and a small section blocked off for clones until they are ready to go into flower, and maybe do a scrog setup? i have a (so far) successful process for transplanting germinated seeds into the cloner. i have a few seeds going right now, 2 of them are bagseed from a famous local strain thats been around for almost 40 years. the other five are skunk#1, PPP, afghan, master kush, and the nirvana special, (all nirvana from indoor pack) and two clones of an outdoor Northern lights X Big Bud plant. ill post pics of my room as soon as you ppl start responding!!!!:smoke:;):D
  2. All soil! Easiest no complication method around.
  3. I tried taking a vid of my whole room but cant upload atm. Just some shots of the diy cloner bucket under the t5 flo.


  4. ive decided to go the organic soil route. any tips on transplanting or anything in general would be greatly appreciated!
  5. hey homie i just started runnin org soil and i do like it but i do wanna switch up one thing...ive been lookin into these SIP buckets...heard you can double your yield... check out this guy Ed's Organic SIP's
  6. I saw that thread as well, i think from your thread actually (threadception) i watched the video on how ro makr one but im not sure o understand the science and whatnot behind it. Which makes me uncomfortable using it to grow. Is there any thread dedicated to this type of growing besides his? Maybe ill just go back and reread.
  7. i think there is a few other links to sip buckets in my thread... its really smart actually as long as there is water in the res the plant always has access to it cause the medium pulls the water up... i think im gonna set up like 4 of these bad boys... maybe you should try one and see how it cant go wrong with double yields:)
  8. look for the peace maker... hes got goood info
  9. Heard that on double yeilds. Maybe ill throw one or two under my 600s amomgst the smart pots and see how yhey do. Thanks again for the tips. Im busy right now in the grow room. Ive just finished setting up my inline duct work that goes through my reflectors and pulls fresh air from outside. Now im just gonna wrap yhe rest of my veg section in panda sheet and get started on some transplanting.
  10. Just transplanted a shwagg seed that looks surprisngly healthy. Its sort of my guinea pig for transitions that way i dont lose 20 bucks on a silly beginnee mistake. I used fox farm ocean forest but despite purchasing a bag of perlite i was told by my dad not to even open it bevause its a biproduct of asbestos that can cause lung csncer if exposed to in enough quantities. So im gonna do some research on organic substitutes a little less unhealthy to be around. I watered the sprout with plain distilled water. You can see how good everythings looking finally after months of struggling with faulty china (C.A.P.) hydro products. I think my greenthumb glflourishes in soil. Im posting some pix of my outdoor girls aswell. There not the biggest outdoor plants, i got started a little late due to some health complications and traveling, but they sure are lookin healthy. Tomorrow im gonna get my professional camera out and get sone nice close ups. I bought a cheap moisture/ph meter to moniter my soil but ffof is ph'd at around 6.8 and im watering with distilled water so do i really need to take dirt from 2in deep and make mud then check the ph for each plant like it says? Seems a bit redundant. Maybe ill just check it once to make sure ffof's claim is true. And that bucket is just a home made aerocloner. I just germinated those seeds and gently inserted them into the neoprene collar when the taproot had reached a length where it would stick out. 100% success rate ( so far).

















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  11. :smoke:so i was going through my garage and stumbled upon a co2 regulator and a tank!! pretty stoked. anybody know how to properly incorporate that into my room? id love to put that baby to use since she was free! also update on the babies, the sprout i transplanted last night is jammin out so i think im gonna go ahead and transplant the rest of them in the 1 gal smart pots with the ffof. still havent looked for a organic non toxic substitute for insists on not using it since hes had to take safety tests about asbestos and biproducts of it for 12 years now. if anybody can shed some light on that thatd be sweet. HQ pics later tonight:smoking:
  12. never messed with co2... but i dont think youre gonna need it till flowerin time... you might wanna strighten out that ducting in that one pick that can really cut down on your cfm
  13. really? i was just trying to create some slack if i have to lower lights and what not? i cant make it a direct line but then id have to do sometihng if i wanted to lower my lights or raise them...
  14. i bunched up my ductin then taped it so it stayed stright.. when i have to raise or lower my lights i just let a little out...i also use cloths hangers to keep it where i want it... that bend will cut your cfms big time
  15. i did just that. seems to flowing a bit better. i tihnk the issue lies in the fact that its not a very powerful fan, im thinking about purchasing a inline fan and carbon filter combo online from the hydro source -- i was thinking ill get that hooked up in my room but id swap the inline fan the combo comes with and put it on my inline ducting because the 6in fan has over 400 cfms where the one im using now on my inline is under 100 im guessing, idk how to tell but i know its not powerful but strong enough to suck air out of the room through the filter right? the fan thats hooked up to the carbon filter doesnt have to be that powerful or am i wrong? :confused:
  16. there is usually a cfm rating on the carbon filter. 6in inline has some nice power but you gotta get the carbon filter or else its gonna sound like a jet engine:) i got my fan off of amazon... best price i could find i tHink the brand is MTN
  17. the carbon filter is primarily for smell though? and i wouldnt want the filter on my inline ducting? so i was gonna buy the combo but split them up and put the fan on my inline duct work so i actually pull in fresh air that cools my lights and put the carbon filter on my exiting duct and use the cheap low power can fan to suck air out of my room, through the filter and out through a chimney.
  18. Welp finally sealed off the veg section with panda sheet. It gets about 85 with a fan on high directly on my light and plants(2in above the tallest) and i dont even wanna kbow the temps wheb i actually have both of my 600s running. i think what ill do is take rhe low cfm can fan and install it in my veg section at the top sucking all the hot air out. Ill buy two 6in 400+cfm inline fans, one sucking cold air through the window outside my room into my room through both of my reflectors and then exhausted towards the ground. The other inline fan attached to a carbon filter hung from the ceiling sucking hot stinky air out through my roof, maybe even set it up so its sucking the air from the veg and main room? God ive been racking my brain trying to find a solution for high temps, fresh air, and high humidity (58rh) i have two stationary fans blowing on high right now just to keep temps cool when im in there working using a 600 for light to see. Sorry im rambling. Comments advice criticism openly welcomed.
  19. ? you wanna suck air through the lights and then let that air into the room? way after that air goes through the lights its hot... you dont want that in your garden...through the lights then out of the space!
  20. I got my 240cfm inline 6" off Amazon for $25, check it out

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