First Indoor Grow: Pics. Opinions?

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  1. Okay, guys. Been meaning to do this for a while now so here we go. Any opinions, suggestions, etc are most appreciated.

    First, the usual info: All plants are in seven gallon Smart Pots in a 50/50 blend of Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Light Warrior under 1000 watt HPS with an enhanced spectrum Hortilux bulb AND Dual, 250 watt 5K Metal Halides. Have been feeding Lucas Formula (micro and bloom) only using RO water. Temps have varied somewhat but usually between 75 and 78 degrees. I keep constant airflow/circulation with good fans. Also, I have been "mainlining" the plants with CO2 generated by 3, 5 gallon fermenting beer carboys.

    I originally started with six plants, all different strains, 5 from clones and 1 from a rare bag seed find. As of today I am down to four plants. The seedling (An Alaskan Thunder Fuck) turned out to be male so it instantly saw the trash can. One of the clones, a beautiful Querkle plants, (keep in mind this was a clone), was ALSO male! Long story short, the dispensary I bought the Querkle clone from was screwed over by an assistant grower who purposely cloned males after finding out he was going to be laid off. What an asshole! It broke my heart to have to throw out the Querkle plant. It was simply amazing. Anyway, on with the show!

    As of today the four remaining plants have been in 12/12 flowering cycle for six days now. The strains I have left are: a Blue Dream- 38 3/4 inches tall, a Blueberry Kush- 29 1/2 inches tall, an A. Skunk, 30 Inches tall, and the runt of the litter is a Super Lemon Haze at 20 1/2 inches tall.

    Enjoy the pics, feel free to ask questions- make remarks, and check back often as I have a few question about additives in flowering stage you can help me with. Oh, and I should probably mention that all plants are healthy, vibrant and green as Hell. The HPS makes a few of the plant shots look yellow-ish

    The first few pics are very early on in the grow.

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  2. And here are the plants as of today, six days into flowering...

    Should also mention that I acquired two new clones from the dispensary where I bought the Querkle clone, for free of course. A Qleaner and a Fruity Cronic Juice :eek:

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  3. Oops... forgot to post the pic of the S.L. Haze. Smaller than the rest, but seems to be forming pistils much quicker...

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  4. Those, my friend, I'm afraid to say, Are tomato plants.
    Looks like you've been ripped off.
    Just my opinion

  5. LOL! YOu're fucking joking, right? Tomato plants. Bet the buds will be the size of tomatoes. Oh, and BTW, this may be my first indoor grow, but i've done guerilla outdoor grows for years, my friend.

    Tomato plants... seriously... :cool:
  6. :D

    how do you like them tomatos?

  7. Loving them fuckers. LOL
  8. excuse my stupidity, but is that a hydro setup? lots of water bottles with things floating in?!

    sorry to ruin the start of what looks to be an interesting thread

  9. No prob. Thanks for the laugh, and there are no stupid questions. But... lets see if I can give u a stupid answer! :p

    This is a pure soil setup. The jugs are 5 gallon beer carboys i'm fermenting in the grow room so I can mainline the plants with CO2. The carboys are fermenting with sugar water. The things floating inside are chunks of potatoes and other starches to keep them fermenting. Works like a charm and much cheaper than an expensive CO2 machine. They produce tons of co2 for about 5 weeks if you keep feeding them sugar and starches as needed.
  10. [quote name='"phlanjo"']excuse my stupidity, but is that a hydro setup? lots of water bottles with things floating in?!

    sorry to ruin the start of what looks to be an interesting thread[/quote]

    Homemade CO2 system I believe. But please correct me if I am mistaken.
  11. Ahhhh! I was like 30 seconds late with my answer. First time that I actually knew something.
  12. genius, I've been thinking for a while how you can buy co2... how stpid, it's right under my nose!
    I like the fact that you're doing a soil grow too. How do you think it'll compare to an outdoor that has had lots of UV?

  13. Try the CO2 method i'm using, I think you'll like it. Cheap as Hell and works wonders.

    As for your question, really no comparison considering that i'm growing in my spare bedroom. If I had an out-building and an assload of lighting, well, maybe, but not in a bedroom. I've had outdoor plants that grew over 12 feet tall (Sativas) and yielded upwards of five pounds dried weight.

    Should do well, though. Big, healthy plants and tons of lumens for a bedroom grow. Anyone care to guesstimate a yield based on the strains and current size of the plants? Not really sure what to expect...
  14. those plants really do look healthy. are you in the process of changing her diet?
  15. Good question, and the main thing i'm hoping for opinions on. As stated, i've been using the Lucas Formula, which is super basic, easy and, best of all, inexpensive. So far i'd say the results speak for themselves, but I think the co2 boost and 200,000 lumens of lighting have a lot to do with how healthy the plants are.

    Once I went into flowering I began tweaking the Lucas Formula thusly: 1. I started reducing the Micro (basically, less nitrogen), 2., I've increased the Bloom by 1.5 teaspoons per gallon (I feed every third watering, which as dry as it is here in Colorado is every third day), and on the advice of a local grower began adding a teaspoon of table sugar to each gallon of nutrients I use, which I will increase to a tablespoon over time. Lucas, whom the formula is named after, doesn't advocate using any other additives of any kind. However, i'm considering adding a very basic (and hopefully inexpensive) additive to increase bud production. Been considering something like Kool-Bloom Dry, which as I understand it is added during the last three or four weeks of flowering. Any suggestions from anyone? As this is my first indoor grow I am NOT going to buy bloom additives that cost $90.00 a quart! The nutes I've purchased thus far have cost me under $20.00 and will last me through at least two grows.

  16. looking nice man! from a fellow guerilla grower gone indoor, i'm looking forward to seeing the progression of these beauties! they all look very healthy! and + on the homemade co2... i do the same except with dry ice... about $2 every 4-5 days
  17. Very nice for your 1st time. Just keep up the good work and I'm are here to help any way I can.

  18. when you did outdoor, did you use molasses?

  19. I recall that we played around with molasses and other things, but to be honest its been so long ago now that I don't remember the exact results of the things we tried. Its been many years since I've grown outdoors. Back then I lived in Indiana and Five-O started getting nuts so I stopped growing and even smoking for years.

    Now I live in Colorado and i'm 100% state legal, and I intend to keep it that way. I was born with Spina Bifida and cannabis really helps my pain and I refuse to use heavy duty pharmaceuticals for it. They make me physically ill.

    Was thinking about using molasses instead of table sugar as the local grower suggested. Any suggestions on how much/often to add to the gallon jugs with my nutes?

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