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  1. So i want to use this as a medium to give people some advice, being a beginner i can only pass on what i did wrong so that i do not misadvise anyone. And this is only for personal use.

    I also want people to pick holes in what i am doing because i want to yield on my first go!

    I will try to keep it as updated as possible and if anyone has any questions please feel free.

    I'll try to add all info so far.
    I'll add a setup picture down the line but it's very basic.
    1x Lighthouse 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m Lite Grow Tent
    1 x Eurolux 600w Bulb
    1 x Maxibright Euro reflector
    1 x Lumii Timer
    1 x 100mm Vents TT Extractor Fan
    1 x 100mm Rhino Hobby carbon filter
    1 x 5m aluminium Ducting
    2 x 100mm ducting clips
    4 x 10l plant pots
    1 x Digital Thermometer
    1 x Omega 600w Dimmable Ballast

    Strain : Heavyweight Fast and Vast Auto.
    Started germinating with the paper towel method 07/03 - 5/5 Success
    Went into pots 10/03 with 16/8 Light rotation
    Lightly misted the tops of the soil (I would say every 6 hours)
    First bit of green comes through 13/10


    Continue to lightly mist daily, keeping temp around 75° And humidity 50% (Please correct stats if wrong)

    So 2 have died in the early stages so i'm just gonna keep the 3 going maybe germinate more later.

    1 died because i planted it too early with a small tap root, this was an experiment really for myself.

    The other died because i handled it and was poking at it because i decided to dig the soil around it to not disturb anything to see the progress, as 3 had came out of the soil and not that one. I did this as an experiment also - seedlings can't take touchings!

    And here we are as of 16/03



    So theres the 3, I'm thinking of just calling them Odin, Thor, Lowkey.
    More updates to come!
  2. be careful.... when they are small they are not used to big lights.....I use fluorescent lights when they are that small. It can be done, but you have to baby the babies and hang the lights higher in the beginning. I hope this helps
  3. Thanks very much for that, i was keeping a close eye on them and i actually raised the reflector about 4 inches today. Should i raise it more or did i just get lucky that they are still alive?
  4. higher cannot hurt...if they start to stretch, then you can lower it........they just need to get used to it is all. I hope this helps
  5. Every little helps brother, thank you for your concern.

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