First Indoor Grow - Gorilla Girl and White Widow - T5 and 1000w HPS

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by EdgeGrow, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. I would take cuts from the strongest plants that is growing the best in your environment bud.

    I personally always take more cutting than I need:
    1. Because you never know which will root and which wont. So far I've had 100% clone rate, 6 for 6
    2. You will have a variety of clones to choose from. You can pick the strongest of the bunch

    Cheers bud
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  2. Gorilla. Widow is dime a dozen. Hell seedsman is $2 @ bean. I havent found a better widow yet eg

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  3. Perfect! Thanks for the tips gentlemen!

    Based on your feedback I will be taking clones from the strongest Gorilla Girl since she's doing well and is a newer strain. I'm pretty pumped to make my first clones! I feel like a little kid in a toy store!

  4. This is just the type of journal I was looking for great step by step pics. I just started my first grow and I am learning alot
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  5. Sweet! Welcome to my grow room and GrassCity! Check out 918AutoGrower's journals as well. He's great at providing detailed records and photos of his progress as well and I've learned a lot from him, too.

    I'll probably wait a little over a week to cut my clones since I need to order a propagation dome. When I cut I will be sure to add detailed photos and instructions as well. Growing weed is such a fascinating and rewarding hobby so congratulations on starting your first adventure!
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  6. I had to start training one of the White Widows because she was getting too tall. I'll slowly pull her down more over the next week.


    I got Fox Farm trio gallons to see me through the next few grows. I'll start feeding them 1/8th strength Grow Big and Big Bloom maybe in a week or so. Gauge how they react and adjust from there.


    I started to seal off the flower room but will have to patch together the panda film for the other half of the wall. Got a double zipper door installed so I can roll it up while I'm working.

    20180809_210156.jpg 20180809_210200.jpg

    Here are the ladies getting ready for the flip.

    Day 30 veg

    Gorilla Girl:
    20180809_210255.jpg 20180809_210259.jpg 20180809_210305.jpg
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  7. Damn that White Widow is growing like a beast! I had to pull her down more this morning and again tonight. I'm hoping she yields well because she's stretching a hell of a lot compared to the other ladies.

    I'm holding off on feeding because I feel that the fresh FFOF from the transplant will feed them for another week or two.

    Day 31 veg

    20180810_202112.jpg 20180810_202120.jpg
  8. Day 33 veg

    20180812_191233.jpg 20180812_191240.jpg 20180812_191244.jpg 20180812_191249.jpg 20180812_191253.jpg 20180812_191256.jpg 20180812_191127.jpg
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  9. I didn’t know you had a GJ going edge. Would have pulled up a seat. But I’m here now. Looking damn good by the way :love-mj2:
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  10. Hell yeah, bro! Thanks for stopping by!

    I just gave half a good drink tonight and sealed off the flower room. I'm so glad I got grow room shades. They eliminate all eye strain for me under that bright ass 1000w hps.

    I have got to do something about humidity control. I'm starting to exceed 60% which is very bad. I might have to fork out close to 200 just to get a decent one that I can continuously drain. Ah well... it's the cost of quality.


    Here are the girls. I'm seeing quite a good amount of secondary growth which is exciting. No signs of needing nutes yet so I'm guessing another week before feeding.

    Day 34 veg

  11. Absolutely man. Like I said, would have been here sooner if I had known.

    Your set ups coming along nicely I see. And I definitely need some of those damn glasses. My eyes are wrecked for atleast 30 mins coming out of the garden lol.

    Sorry to hear about the humidity problems. Maybe check Craigslist or a pawn shop for a dehumidifier? I’m sure it would be atleast half the cost of new.

    Ladies are looking nice and lush man. You’re killing it.
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  12. I'm not usually thinking about promoting my journal, honestly. I'm enjoying seeing what other people are doing and encouraging along the way.

    As far as the glasses go they also do a hell of a lot to color correct the temperature of the HPS to make it easier to spot changes in leaf color for deficiencies so that's another huge benefit of having these.

    I have to throw a fucking celebration in here! My wife just gave birth to the MOST BEAUTIFUL GODDAMNED GIRL IN THE WORLD and I couldn't be more proud of them both!!! My life has been forever changed in the most beautiful way and I couldn't be more grateful. Life feels so perfect right now despite running on 2 hours of sleep. All my ego centered concerns are melting away and being replaced with meaning and purpose. I've never felt so high in my life.

    I will post some pictures of the ladies here in a bit. I'm going to enjoy a smoke on the porch before checking on them and heading back to the hospital to adore my baby girl.
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  13. Right on man. CONGRATULATIONS!! It’s definitely a blessing. I have 3 little girls myself. Just wait until she gets a few years older. She’s going to adore you twice as much as you adore her. Best feeling ever man. You’re on cloud 9 right now. Anyway, take care and best wishes.
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  14. Thanks man! It is definitely cloud 9. She's gonna melt my heart forever.

    Here's an update of the ladies again! I'll have to take some clones VERY soon. Everything is getting really bushy and could probably use some defoliation, too.

    Day 35 veg

    20180814_184120.jpg 20180814_184131.jpg 20180814_184134.jpg 20180814_184141.jpg

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