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  1. Is it a good idea to grow when you still live with your parents but they know and allow you to smoke?They also don't want me growing.(Most likely would wanna be attempting a pc grow.)
  2. you should respect your parents house.
  3. What if it wasn't technically their house(Apartment) and it was a pc grow in my walk in closet?
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    haha seems like you have your mind set up already.

    at this point you should consider if the amount of time and money you put into this project is even gonna be worth it. say you dump $300 into your pc grow, and if this is your first time, your most likely not going to be 100% successful and have very airy / low yielding product anyway. so with that being said.. is it worth it to you?

    if you want to get into growing, and get the experience for that day your ready to do a 40 light system then any experience is good experience.
  5. If your name is not on the lease you probably should just avoid growing until you're out on your own. If something went down, your parents would most likely be held liable. If your parents are cool enough to let you smoke, you should respect their wishes for you not to grow in their home.
  6. I do respect my parents but i just feel like a pc grow isnt a big deal plus im moving so when i get to my new house im not going to know anyone to get dank off of. Hence another reason i wanna grow plus i've been wanting to get into growing for too long.
  7. Then why are you asking if it's a bad idea? Looks like your mind was made up before you even asked.
  8. Just wanted to get advice from people who had done pc grows before and if they're noticeable at all or if someone's done a stealth grow while living with their parents.
  9. You're going to want a carbon filter and you may want to look into ONA gel. If you mask it well enough, the smell won't be too bad and you could probably pass it off as you smoking if it gets a little rough in veg. If you can vent it outside on top of that, you should be in the clear.
  10. I was thinking of buying a pc grow box online because it has fans built in and reflective mylar covering and cfls and ona gel and an "air" filter which i'm assuming might be close to a carbon filter
  11. which pc box were you planning on getting?

    it really comes down to how often(if ever) your parents come into your room, and wether or not you'll be able to get the box into the house without them knowing(like them not being home and seeing it get delivered in a big box to raise suspicion of what you're ordering)

    i recently got a pc grow box and the only thing that'd really give it away is the noise of the fans, you wouldn't want them to walk in the room to talk to you and then wonder what the humming noise in your closet is, but ona gel works very well for eliminating smell and if they dont care about you smoking then it won't be worse than that with the ona gel for sure

    lastly: i'd check the laws in your state, i know in va you can't be charged with manufacturing unless its enough to be proven it was for distribution, so i know even if i some how did get busted i wouldn't be getting felony charges i'd be looking at posession, know what you're getting yourself and your parents into
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    I have a plan to order the box. I'm waiting for my mom to move first so when i order it i'll only have to worry about it going by my stepfather. Then when I move down i'm going to put the pc box in my suitcase and unload it when i get to the apartment.
  13. If you're moving mid-grow, you might want to hold off. That's a hassle you don't want.

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