First Indoor Grow Attempt (Help!!!)

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    Hello growers :wave:, I am new to Indoor Cultivation and been having some issues.
    I have 3 plants all together and started vegging since early November. Haven't kept track of them at all, all about a week + apart from each other grown under Fluorescents and nothing else.

    Until today they were under 2 26w CFL's and 1 13w which is all I could scavenge at the time from what was in my home. I found a 11w Blueish CFL which I then replaced for the 13w to "Help" the Veg but got tired of having such small lighting.
    I then moved them again today hoping for more growth under a Fluorescent Light Fixture containing 2 40w Cool White bulbs about a inch - 2 inches away from the light. I'm not sure yet if it is a big improvement yet but I severely want to improve my plants and willing to throw some 26w in there as well :confused:

    I have been doing lots of research but don't have the time/money to invest in legitimate grow lights, I do have a oscillating fan just and recently started giving them nutes today as well. :hippie:

    They are yellow! so hit me up asap with some tips and pointers on how to increase my yields and defuse the issue. Thanks! :eek:

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  2. My advise to u is quit now and keep buying ur smoke
  3. savemoney study! you tube! save money then grow! happy growing
  4. Yea no doubt on that, just don't want to be wasteful when it is only my first attempt. Fluorescents are probably the safest + cheapest method i could access but on the flipside I find happiness in growing just as much as i do smoking it thanks!
  5. You know since you clap your slappers so fast and waste your time on a post I expected may as well give you some wisdom. VEGG BRO, if they turn out nice which I intend with my love and care I'll invest into a proper flowering grow medium. I dont have to waste hundreds of $$ I wont quit and I can go buy more bags. My advice to you is go fuck yourself Pce n Pot thnks for the advice
  6. MORE light!!! Mby more warmth....they look quite stunted for roughly 6 weeks old
  7. Ur plants are about 4 or 5 weeks old they are as big as a 1 week old plant
  8. You really need more light. Add more cfls if that is what you can afford, but at this rate I don't think you would see anything from flower.
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    [quote name='"Nuccar"']You know since you clap your slappers so fast and waste your time on a post I expected may as well give you some wisdom. VEGG BRO, if they turn out nice which I intend with my love and care I'll invest into a proper flowering grow medium. I dont have to waste hundreds of $$ I wont quit and I can go buy more bags. [/quote]

    Without at least some investment it will be bound for failure. If you can sprout it, you can grow cannabis. A good setup makes the job easier.

    Friendly bit of advice, avoid personal insults like the one above. That is one thing that will get you booted quickly. Attitudes are usually tolerated but name calling and personal insults usually attract the attention of a mod.
  10. Gonna have to get more lights man, my 10 day old plants are much bigger. Look around on Craigslist for used lights cheap.
  11. You indeed need more light..... Atleast 4 26 watters. Here are my babies at just a few days older than 3 weeks. Im using 3 26 watts 1 42 watt and 1 55 watt.... $9 for a box of 3 26 bulbs, $8 for the 42 watt and $12 for the 55 watt......... Only $30.... My advice. Put those poor babies out of thier misery. New sprouts will probably surpass these ones... Before you start new seeds get more lights, no sense in wasting time and electricity on something that isnt going anywhere, and isnt worth it.

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  12. Thank you for some quality information, Like i said would adding more Cfl's to the box help I know the one just sprouted not to long ago just got nuts and put them under those fluorecents
  13. More light would be good (you know that)..also add some mylar to better use it.It looks like aluminum in there and it will burn your plants like a magnifying glass....
  14. okay I've looked closer that little fan get coat hanger(wire) and puncture hole in card board to hold it up anywhere the fan can draw fresh air and point it towards the canopy to increase stem strength don't make it permanent(fan) so you can adjust later.

    next your reflector is not doing anything it's bouncing light back up n down away from your target( plant) use white paper or alum foil(dull side) all around box ceiling and floor this will increase lumen out put also make a dome for light with foil only just in case

    the pot size fine for now upgrade when roots are more than just 3 tap roots out the drain holes then go 1 gal pot be gentile transplant in warm room keep hands off roots and roots off anything other than the medium

    veg for lights on 24 hours for 8weeks minimum keep fim or topping(YouTube) the whole veg period to regulate the plant don't be afraid to top elongated shoots to keep plants bushy and canopy leveled remember you don't got enough light but its all in the roots after 8 weeks at this point after and before flowering cut all branches and lower leave That do not get light off plants this will rob energy from buds unless you got mor lights! transplant into 3 gal pots wait one week then cut the light for 24 hours keep in light tight( no light period you can give fresh air at night 1 hour after sun goes down with no light at all such as cell phone light or standby light on tv) for 24 hours to induce flowering after this turn lights on during day( sun if possible) with good air circulation when ready for lights off , if during spring/summer make sure you have a light tight box even incandescent lights will affect the plants night phase I do light out at 6 on at 6 everyday I got timers. light tight for night!!!!!

    PH! is everything when container/pots gardening Organics don't have to panic
    water use tap water but first get a water hardness test kit at online cheapest home D fastest $10-13 check safety of water if good then boil water let cool or bubble water for 48 hours then apply this will atleast give you trace minerals which most benefit you is calcium n magnesium but use with out fertilizers , 50/50 RO(filter) and tap to get better result with ferts

    if you use outdoor soil keep getting it from outside its a risk but go with the soil your local fruit tree grow near if you purchased soil what does it have time release ferts( no no ) if so a 1 month release is fine two max. but when ferts are gone mix a cup of your outdoor soil cleanest possible when ready for final 3 gal transplant.....

    you will lose soil strength at mid flowering causing you to have LOCKOUT( bad) unless you buffer soil with dolomite lime (garden stores $3-$5 a bag 1tbs per gal of soil dug 1" into soil if not amended before final transplant

    that's about all I can think that you can do to increase quality. the yield not so sure but my first suggestion (2nd comment on this thread) the feliz light n hood online will give much more results fir your bucks coupled with this basic info and your set

    Happy growing

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