First Indoor Grow Attempt: All Advice Welcome!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by scriver23, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hey Everybody, Steve here just tryin out some bag seed id say like 2 and some weeks in, made a dumb mistake of planting 2 plants in the same bucket but in about 4 hours that will be changed when i can transplant them, plus ive come up with a new growbox idea unlike the one i have now which i will post, I thought it was an ingenious little grow box but needs to be upsized now. Can't wait to see some of the advice you guys can give me on this journey of growing the good stuff.

    Below Is my grow box which is a cooler, im running off 1 cfl lightbulb for now until i go to walmart tonight and get me a fan and another lamp

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  2. looks really good i have just started my first grow my seedlings are about a inch high at the minute what strain are you growing?
  3. Im not sure yet, I got some dope and it had a few seeds in it so I figured give this go and If im good and got a green thumb Id order me some real good seeds. What are you growin on your end? do you have a blog or anything that you post pics on??
  4. Alright Alright, I re-planted which was kinda scary didnt like transplanting plus the dirt was abit dry dunno how this will affect my other 2 plants, one is growin like a champ the other is just surviving and the 3rd is remaind in the bigger pot. Does anybody know about the method of tying your plant down to make it stronger? I youtubed and couldnt find it. Anyway any suggestions are welcome, Also if you look you can see i have a light bulb where it is broken right after the silver part that screws in but still connected by the wires, does anyone think its dangerous??

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  5. Hey man :wave: welcome to the wonderful world of growing. :D

    Can't really see what you mean about the broken light, if your worried about it, there's probably good reason so try to fix it if you can. :)

    Do a search on Low stress training. You'll find some excellent guides on this very site. In fact, check out all the stickies in Absolute Beginners and Indoor Growing, they are invaluable to you at this stage.

    Have you thought through how you will light proof your box when you get to the flowering stage?
    What soil and nutes are you using?

    She looks good so far. :) Good luck man! :smoking:
  6. Thanks For the feedback and the guidance, right now im not using any nutes because it is a great just backdoor soil I got out of my garden I mean anything can thrive in this I have some garden plants that dont get too much sun but geeze are they alive and rooted fairly thickly aswell. and my plans for the flowering box is my buddy has a realll big box im going to use in veg and flowering, you'll see when they make it there :D:p. and yeah i really dont like that broken lightbulb kept me up all night thinkin about it so i went out and got a brand new 2700K bulb for the time being. hope to hear back from ya soon, Scriver out:D
  7. Alright a Little update, I love to do this :D:cool: Giggity Giggity!! haha. Here there has been some development not alot but they dont grow in a day right? if they do get me involved with that shit haha! If you look the tiny ones leaves have actually started to come back, shes a champ:rolleyes:!. And the others are doin their thing, i think im going to start LST in a few days when theyve shown a little more leaves and mabye i'll let them stretch abit. What do you guys think?

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  8. You rang? [​IMG]
  9. Lmao, hey what up Quags! what do you think about these plants are they giggity certified yet?:p:D
  10. Absolutely!

  11. heh heh allllllriiiightt:D
  12. Good luck man
  13. Tanks Alot, I'll prolly do like every day or every 2nd day pics. keep dropin by and conversing thow! Peace be with you and aswell as that frothy brew!!:smoking::wave:
  14. Alright so im a little pissed the plants havent shown any sighns of growth in the past like 6 hours which is kindof upseting they were showing excellent growth every few hours a few days ago:devious::mad:
  15. Raise your lights by about 6ft, then you'll see 'em grow quick. ;):p

    No. Seriously, don't do that. :p

    All looks good dude. Have you got a fan going in the box? It's great for building strong stems. :)
  16. Hey dude, nice looking grow so far!
    Growth may appear to be slowing, but I'd bet it's not, a 2mm increase in week one seems like a lot, the same in week 3 is barely noticable!

    Good Luck!
  17. Shit guys! I checked them today and the leaves are curling check these out, I gotta go to work all the advice i can get after I get back would be apreciative
  18. lol forgot to put the picks up haha:rolleyes:

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  19. You might have heat issues - since you are vegging, you really don't need to put them in a box. You also don't need the lid.

    If you took them out of the box and made sort of an "office cubicle" type thing to surround them on 3 sides (for reflection puposes), and direct a fan on them, there would be better airflow around them!

    Good luck with your grow!
  20. I dunno, doesn't look a whole lot like heat stress to me, I mean that's the first thought I had when he said curling leaves, but in the pics the leaves are drooping and curling down,rather than rolling in from the sides like typical heat stress.
    I think they look a bit overwatered, but I can't really tell.

    Any chance of a sideways pic, Scriver?

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