First Indoor Grow: Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Heinous Anus, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hi! I've recently been registered as a medical marijuana patient here in Western Mass. and now legally allowed to grow my own medicine. I would love to start, but I am basically a novice at this. I've grown plenty of veggies and such in gardens, but never had to take care of anything indoors.

    I've been donated a 4x2x5 grow tent plus a 150w HPS. I've been doing tons of research, watching a plethora of YouTube videos, but still feel like I need to ask a few questions or for advice. I'm only looking to grow for myself and nothing more than a few girls. 3-4 at most.

    Should I trade in the 150W and pay a little more to get the 400W? Or should I add a dozen or so CFLS with the 150W?

    What are some easily obtainable soil/ferts/other nutes that I can get locally or online without breaking the bank?

    Ventilation? Still after all this time, I have trouble with figuring out my ventilation. Are there some simple solutions to intake and outake airflow that also won't leave my bank account hurting? I don't have to worry too much about smell as my wife doesn't mind and my neighbors are totally fine with it, seeing it is a legal medical grow.

    Scrogging. This seems to be the technique that makes the most sense to me. I don't know why, but everything I've read about it, seems to click with me and I want to try this out on my first grow.

    I have tons of bagseed saved from over the years, along with about 20-40 - pure bred, high quality genetic seeds from various vendors.

    Sorry for the rambling questions. I'm sitting here all excited next to my empty grow cab and dangling 150W HPS, with all these ideas bouncing around in my head. :love-m3j:
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  2. You can get a 6 inch exhaust fan for around 60 dollars and just use passive intake (the screened flaps on the bottom of the tent). Just exhaust from the top of the tent. I highly recommend the brand CFM Pro (they are all on sale on amazon right now). I got one and not very loud. Getting a 400w is up to you but will involve more heat so thats up to you! You can check out my first grow thats currently in progress (the link is below)
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  3. 2 plants in that space. Yes to the 400. Fox farm and general hydroponics both make excellent fertilizers affordable and avail on amazon.
    Whackyac is correct about the fan. And potentially about the heat. You may consider going LED instead for lighting. Scrog is great, but a regular soil grow will be easier on your first run.

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  4. Not for scrog per se but here is the very simple walk through I used for my 1st indoor run.

    Marijuana Home Growing for Beginners

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  5. Thank you for all the quick replies!

    I love collecting all sorts of tutorials and step-by-step instructions. You guys have some seriously impressive grows. Its crazy that in all the years I've been smoking, this is going to be the first time I get to grow, and I barely know anything, haha.

    I'll probably be badgering these boards to death with incessant questions, during my first grow...
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  6. Good. Ill need something to do! You should consider a grow journal!
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  7. Use the 150 to veg for a few weeks. Then get a 400 or 600 to flower or a nice LED panel. Up to you. Either way, a good fan will be needed as mentioned above. Its is better to go overboard on the exhaust fan than buy something too small. A 6" should be enough to keep 400 watts cool. Be sure to get a fan speed controller so u can fine tune things.

    I wouldnt do a scrog for your first run, especially with bag seeds (since some could be males). Maybe veg out 4 plants for a few weeks and lst them. Then flip and see what u got.
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  8. This is definitely going to be a fun hobby for me. Please keep any and all use advice or links coming!

    I have thought of LSTing them, but will have to read more on that before I go ahead with it.

    Are there recommended sites for me to pick up a 6" inch fan? Any brands in particular?

    Same with the lighting - Is Amazon fine or should I be using a different site? Any recommended brands for lighting?

    What soil should I start with?

    Sorry, just medicated with some shatter and got hit with all these thoughts and questions. :hookah:
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  9. Man i have a cheap ass ventech 6" from ebay/amazon i dont remember which. As far as lights go..... i have had a mars400 for about 2 years now, it has broke once but it's fixed now. If you are able to exhaust your hot air outside then go with the HPS setup. If your like me and have to exhaust hot air into your living space then look for am LED panel.

    Soil... i like EB stone recipe 420. It is better than fox farms soils, costs the same, and its a local company for me.
    There are a million variables so keep the questions coming and im sure someone will continue to chime in.
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    Fan-CFM Pro is really quiet. Pick one up on amazon!

    Lighting--HTG 400w HPS kit , or iPower 400w HPS. HTG has the 400w cheap on their website but iPower has their own eBay page and you can get a 400w with a reflector wing for around $96. The HTG is $120. Both of these come with a hood/reflector, ballast, socket, and bulb. So everything you need lighting-wise.

    Soil- a lot of people recommend Pro-Mix or Fox Farms. As long as you get soil thats not Miracle Grow (Miracle NO) you should be fine. Go to your local gardening center (Home Depot, Lowes, etc..) pick up some some type of potting soil (organic potting soil would be good). You should also pick up some perlite!! Mix about 20% perlite with 80% soil! For perlite any brand is fine-even miracle grow.

    P.S. I exhaust the hot air into my living space and everything works out fine. The room is a bit warmer than the rest of the house but not by much. My temps inside of my grow tent stay around 77
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    Sorry for double post but adding links!

    Here is the link for a fan (the link is for an 8 inch. The larger fan run at a slower speed will have to work less hard than a smaller fan and be more quiet. The inline fans can be really loud. A bigger fan at a slower speed is always the best way to go IMO. Plus if you ever decide to expand your grow you will already have a fan big enough.)

    Lighting Option 1
    Lighting Option 2

    Also there are tons of youtube videos on really simple ways to LST

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