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  1. Hey everyone! Pretty new to the forums. I recently noticed I have an opiate problem, so while getting my mind off of it and quitting, I decided I would start an indoor grow. I have a fairly big walk in closet that will be able to support 15 (5 gallon pots) plants, and I have bought all of the supplies (well most, I'm new to this, so there is bound to be something I've forgot). I've looked at countless tutorials and videos, but it'll be good to have some live feedback from a forum like this once I start making my pics. Will be using good ol' soil and will be using (all femenized) "Big Bang" seeds bought from Sensible Seeds (came in extremely quick and in good quality). I'll post up some pics tomorrow of my supplies/closet/seeds/etc, and should start growing in about a week or 2. Will be updating my pics regularly. Thanks, and take care.
  2. seems like you got most your plan down. just a word of caution - duno what your closet is like, but if it's like most walk-in closets [or any closet, for that matter], then ventilation will be a big issue. especially since you're going to have 15 5-gallon plants, sounds like you'll have a few high watter HIDs, so temps will probably shoot up. proper ventilation is important in soooo many ways you can't afford to forget about it.

  3. With the ventilation, I bought a brand new "fan" ( dont know the exact word for it, but it's like an ionic breeze on steroids) but it pushes the air (circulation and push out new air) and it has a carbon filter in it (to filter the stale air). But for the temp issue, there is a temperature gauge on it, it will auto adjust the temp in the closet. With my bulbs I have some Son Agro 400watt hps bulbs (2 bulbs with 2 great reflectors) that have all of the color spectrum in it (supposedly better?) sorry it is my first grow so I am pretty naive, but I tried to buy good parts. And the reflectors I bought have a glass shield on it or some sort. In the morning I will check, but it is designed to keep heat down a little bit.
  4. even if you just stick the juiced ionic breeze inside the closet, you won't be getting fresh air with co2 into the closet, just circulating the spent air thats in least it seems like the temps would stay down..i guess its like a ionic breeze w/ ac powers? lol

    you'd have to open the closet probably a few times a day if you do that..but then flowering it'd be hard to make sure you don't disturb them with light..

    what i'd suggest is getting a fan whose only purpose is to suck air out of the closet, then cut open a light-proofed area for passive intake for fresh air from the room the closet is connected to. then you can just leave a window open. seems like your closet is pretty big, so i think investing in one of those larger "industrial" grade squirrel cage blowers to move your air [with a carbon scrubber on it] would be well worth it for your garden.
  5. Yeah that makes sense, but I'm trying to not make this really that obvious, which is why I bought a soundproof blanket to go on the inside so I won't be able to hear the fan going while in my room. But I'll post up some pictures tomorrow or in a couple of days, and I'll think of something. My roommates don't care if I'm growing, but I have people over sometimes and I don't want to make it obvious that I'm growing lol. But yeah, I'll come up with something.
  6. Not sure the design of your crib, but you could cut a 6 or 8 inch hole in the ceiling of the closet *IF* their is an attic on your house, you can mount the blower and carbon scrubber their, s the noise will be down, also hanging the blower on bungies will prevent vibrations. GL with your grow

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