First indoor/auto grow, questions, feedback sought

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  1. Thanks for all the great knowledge here. I have a few questions and would love some feedback and advice as I proceed. I’m about six weeks into my first indoor grow. Autoflowers, Purple Punch and Skywalker OG. Using a 3x3 tent, LED setup, 5 gallon fabric pots. I would have grown more had I the seeds, but wanted to get started as soon as my stuff arrived. Fox Farm ocean, and in the past couple weeks added light doses of their liquid nutes at around 50% dosage. Just added the flowering mix. I’ve done some LST. The plants are super bushy, but I haven’t wanted to trim leaves other than those dying under the canopy. Should I trim a bit more? I’ve backed off training. Should I keep it up, or let the colas shoot up moving forward? Those are my two biggest questions. Any advice welcome. The Skywalker has often had droopy leaves, as it does in this picture. I probably overwatered early, but it tends to droop like this very easily. Pretty dry atm. The PP is a superstar so far, as I’m traditionally not a great gardener. Hoping that will change.

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  2. Looking good to me mate, I run mine about the same way, just bag soil, seeds in pots.

    Here is a Bruce Banner auto I germed over labor day at 5-6 weeks (pic taken oct 11) so I'd say for a first grow you are looking pretty on track.

    I only remove fan leaves that are stressed are blocking bud sites for early flower, once the plants have like 2-3 weeks left I will more heavily defoliate to try and stretch the buds all the way down the branches by getting light down to the lowers.
    As for the droopiness it can also be from under watering too, I've got some big photo glues in 5-gal pots in the same tent, and if they aren't watered daily, they will just drop right over. Give them 1-2 liters, and 4 hours later they are standing proud again.
    20221015_074122.jpg 20221013_082003.jpg
    Something to possibly consider, typically by lifting the pot and getting a "feel" for what it weight dry vs wet.

    I make no claims this is the best way, but it has been working for me.

    Best of luck mate!
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  3. Those are going to grow mamoth if you do nothing. The pruning and things will not produce more yield. It will eliminate the class B weed. I would not be in a hurry and there is no need to do anything. After your first grow you will see during harvest there may have been some stuff not worth growing, and next time you can remove it. Basically much later you will be looking for buds you want to smoke and buds you would not pay for. The techniques should be studied now while you have an actual example growing. Lst is a method of tying branches so lower buds get more light. Don't do it, but just kind of see how it goes. I say don't do it because the way to learn how much is too much is when it breaks, and you don't want to break your first plant. Topping and mainling and scrogging are also good techniques, but you should have the teqnique chosen and understood before you ever plant the seed. Man, you don't have to do a thing with autos but keep them alive and they will get you stoned your first time.
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  5. there flowering . no more trimming except to remove leaves
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